Lunasa Yoga

As part of my new series about local business that I have purchased from during lockdown, today I’m focusing on Lunasa Yoga.  Sisters Clara and Niamh Talbot offer classes each weekday morning from 8.30-9.00 and Saturdays at 10.00 via Instagram Live as well as evening hour long classes via Zoom.  Classes are paid for via Ko-Fi and cost the same as a cup of coffee. 


I have absolutely no yoga experience and I’m not athletic, sporty or at all flexible.  I am a complete beginner and have a rigid body with pain in my neck and shoulders from an old injury.  I’m also a stress-head.  I wanted to try yoga for years but I have never been confident enough to go to a class.  Any sort of exercise or movement class gives me flashbacks of PE in school and the general horror of it so I avoid them at all costs.  I saw Lunasa Yoga on Instagram and thought it might be the perfect option for me and decided to give it a go.


Each morning at 8.30 I start my yoga class with the amazing Clara and Niamh before switching on my work phone or checking emails.  It is half an hour to take time away from work, chores, caring for 20+ animals and work on my physical and mental fitness and well-being.  Niamh and Clara explain every movement so well and always offer a few options depending on level and ability.  I am only able for the easier option for most of the movements but being able to do it from home, without feeling self-conscious and sometimes in my pyjamas is great.  I have learned so much and I find myself introducing elements of practice to my daily routine, particularly if I’m stressed.

Gatsby, Edgar, Dorian Gray and Finch

My downward dog is quite sad looking and I can’t manage touching my bum to my heels and head to the mat in child’s pose but I can do warrior II reasonably well and my yogi squat is improving.  What I have learned most from Lunasa Yoga is that it doesn’t actually matter how well I can do the movements, it is about how I feel doing them. 

Starting these morning classes is one of the best decisions I have made and I’m so grateful for the opportunity that Clara and Niamh have given me.  Doing these classes will be the best €3 you will spend.