Period Products

Talking about periods isn’t something that people are always comfortable to discuss buy they are a fact of life and it is time we end the stigma around them.  I can’t say I particularly enjoy having a period, in fact it is a horrible time and I feel horrendously sick and very sore with cramps.  I’ve recently started using more eco friendly period products and that has made them slightly better.  I’m not going to tell you that they’ve stopped the bloating or chin spots or cramps but I’ve found them more comfortable to use than disposable pads.

So how do re-usable pads work?  Pretty much the same as regular ones really.  Both brands I tried are very absorbent.  When they need to be changed, I rinse them with water and drain them.  This removes the majority of blood.  I have seen recommendations to soak them in salt water to remove any stains.  They can then be put in the washing machine.  It is important to not dry them on the radiator as it can reduce the absorbency; try to dry them outside or on a clothes horse instead.

I mentioned that I have tried two brands.  I’d highly recommend both.  The first pads I tried are from Earthwise.  There were three in the pack for £15.  For each pack bought through Earthwise, a pad is donated to a girl in need in an African orphanage.  These come in a range of designs and naturally I opted for the set with hedgehogs on them.  They have buttons for keeping them in place.  I found these to be fantastic and so comfortable.  I have very sensitive skin and often get irritated from disposable pads but I’ve had no irritation at all from the reusable ones.  They were great at night too and they stayed perfectly in place.

The second brand that I tried was from Earth Mother and they were €19.99 for five of them.  These look slightly different and have more of a towel texture to them.  They button in the same way.  These ones have removable pads inside them which means that you can add an extra layer for heavier days or night if you wish.  Again, these are very comfortable,  didn’t cause any irritation and are very absorbent.  They are made from organic cotton and are very soft.  They also come in a wash bag that can be used in the machine.

I’d highly recommend both products.  Disposable pads contain plastics and are bad for the environment.  They take years, if not decades to decompose.  Not only are reusable pads better for the planet, they are also better for sensitive skin.  Switching to reusable pads has made a huge difference to me and I’m so glad that I made the change.