Maleficent for Blank Canvas Cosmetics

Last Sunday I turned my very lovely friend Laura into the Mistress of Evil, Malficent for a Blank Canvas Cosmetics demo at the Pro Beauty Show in the RDS.  Maleficent is such a fun character to create and to dress up as and would make a great Halloween costume.  There are two main forms of Maleficent: the green cartoon version and the more sculpted film version. Sunday’s Maleficent was a mix of the two.  I used vivid colours on the eyes to create a cartoon look and kept the skin less green and more sculpted.

All of the products and brushes for this look were cruelty free and or vegan.  All of the brushes were from Blank Canvas Cosmetics.  Blank Canvas just released the Dimension Series II range and the brushes are absolutely amazing. As far as I’m concerned, there are no better brushes on the market. The brand is so incredibly innovative and consistently produce high quality fantastic products.  I used a combination of the Dimension Series I and II and the original series for Maleficent.

Here’s how I created Maleficent:


I always do eyes first and this look was no different.  I used eye shields (for the first time) from Penneys under the eyes to give a more defined and exaggerated shape to the shadows.  I used an eye primer from Essence before taking the brand new E45 duo fibre blending brush and took a light purple from the Blank Canvas 88 colour shadow palette and applied it just above the crease.  I then applied a slightly darker purple from the same palette and also added some of the shadow to the outer crease. I used the E04 to pat a lime green shade to the lid. Taking the E12 I smudged black shadow along the lash line and also worked some of the black into the outer corners.  I used NYX’s Milk pencil along the waterline to create a wide eye cartoon look. I applied Wet n Wild’s Maxfanatic mascara. Finally I used a dark brown from the Blank Canvas palette and the E38 to go over the eyebrows.


I primed the skin with Wet n Wild’s primer.  A small amount of Inglot’s pink toned concealer was applied under the eyes using the E22. The E22 is my new favourite under eye concealing brush.  The skin needs to be either green or very pale for this look.  As I didn’t want to use face paint, I opted for very pale.  The very pale in question was my everyday skin tone and I used Wet n Wild’s Photofocus foundation in Ivory Nude.  This was applied with the new and amazing F10.  Regular readers will be aware of my love for the F20 foundation brush, well the F10 is its fabulous cousin and it has a new slanted shape.

The face needs to be very sculpted for this look so I used Wet n Wild’s contour stick to create highly defined cheekbones.  I started with the darker contour side and applied it slightly higher than I usually would.  I drew it on at an angled line so that it went up towards the forehead.  Essentially, I drew a < > on each side.  This was then lightly blended with the F06. I didn’t fully blend it as it needs to stand out.  I also drew along the chin and jawline with the contour stick and again used the F06 for blending.  Taking the lighter side of the stick I covered under the eyes and the usual highlight areas.  This was blended with the F43.  I repeated this step a few times as the contour and highlighter really needed to stand out. I then added a dark contour powder from Blank Canvas’ contour palette with the F16 and highlighter from the same palette using the F41.  I wanted a further glow to the highlight so I used highlighter from the Pippa palette and the Ice highlighter from Penneys using the F05 fan brush.


I used a red liner from Essence and created an exaggerated lip and filled it in with Wet n Wild’s Red Velvet lipstick using the L29.

Finally Maleficent’s hat was added as was a crow.  I got the hat in Disney Land Paris but there are plenty of simple tutorials online on how to make horns.  I picked the crow up in EuroGiant.  He came on some wire so I twisted it to make a ring so that he would just sit on the hand.

Maleficent was one of my favourite looks to do and I think I might try the green cartoon version on myself over the next few weeks.