Princess Leia

The start of September saw Force Friday II.  This was the day when the official merchandise of the new Star Wars film was released.  To celebrate the event I decided to dress up as Princess Leia.  To be fair, it really doesn’t take much for me to indulge in fancy dress.  Whatever the day or event, if it involves a costume, I’m all for it.

The Princess Leia look was the ceremonial one from Episode IV A New Hope and it is a really easy look to do for Halloween.  I’ll give a step by step account of how I did my make-up and hair.  I did also throw a very last minute costume together but I felt gross in it on the day so I have decided not to share my outfit photos.   I recycled my Bride of Frankenstein’s Monster costume from a few years ago.  The outfit requires a long white dress and a white cape.  Accessories include a silver necklace with squares and a silver wrist cuff.  I had a cuff but didn’t have a suitable necklace so I made one.  I used a piece of silver chain, some card, tinfoil and a stapler.

The make-up for this look is very simple, natural and fresh; there isn’t much detail.  It takes about 10 or 15 minutes to create this look:

  1. I always do my eyes first.  I used two shades: a white – beige shadow all over my lids and under my brows and a taupe brown with red undertones along my crease.  Any natural and taupe shade will work. I used shades from Blank Canvas Cosmetic’s Master Series palette.  I used the taupe under my lash line and used a white eyeliner on my water line and added mascara.
  2. I primed my skin with Wet n Wild’s primer.
  3. I need a lot of under eye concealer.  I used an ELF under-eye concealer to camouflage dark circles, tiredness and old age.
  4. Wet n Wild’s Photofocus was my foundation of choice for this look as it gives a really lovely finish to the skin.
  5. I used Wet n Wild contour.  The thing about Princess Leia is that her make-up is more of a late 1970s look so blush is slightly more heavy and at a diagonal angle.  Contour doesn’t really feature but I took creative licence.  I added a soft highlight from ELF to try and make my skin look fresher and more glowy.
  6. I used Angel from NYX as my blusher and applied it a bit more generously than normal.
  7. Finally I lined my lips with Stockholm from NYX and used Wet n Wild’s Liquid Catsuit in Coral Corruption.

The make-up was the easy part.  For me, anything that involves trying to tie my hair up is difficult.  I’m not the best with hair and mine is very long and heavy so it tends to hurt when I tie it up.  Princess Leia has a bun with a very long plait extending from it.  I created this look by:

  1. Creating two ponytails in my hair.
  2. Using a donut for the bun, I put this in the top ponytail.  This took a while to get in and I used LOTS of hair clips.
  3. I used a plait hairband around the bun and again, lots of hair clips.
  4. I plaited the lower ponytail so it hung down my back.

Overall, the whole look was very easy and was fun to create.