Talk Disney to Me: Beauty and the Beast from Penneys

It is no secret that I am obsessed with Beauty and the Beast and have been for about 25 years.  I can’t actually describe how happy I feel when I see Beauty and the Beast merchandise.  When the film was first released I could only dream of owning Chip cups and a yellow ballgown; those things simply didn’t exist back in the dark ages when I was 7 and they certainly weren’t available in Penneys.  I find it almost therapeutic to be able to purchase these items now.  As I write this post I’m using a Beauty and the Beast mug  and wearing a Chip tshirt.  I have a Beauty and the Beast notebook and pen beside me and there is an enchanted rose on my table.  I’m absolutely thrilled with myself!

Today I’m going to focus on some of the fantastic Beauty and the Beast items I bought in Penneys.   Penneys has become an absolute treasure trove for Beauty and the Beast fans over the last few months.  It has become a full-time obsession to see what they have in stock.  I should warn you that my photos are a bit all over the place purely because there is so much stuff to photograph.


I bought five t-shirts in total.  My favourite is the t-shirt with all of the characters.  It has the wardrobe and dog so it is really special and it was €8.  I also got a t-shirt with True Beauty is Found Within written on it with a picture of a rose for €6.  I bought two Chip t-shirts, one had sequins that revealed two versions of Chip which was €10 and the non-sequin version was €6.  Finally I bought a Beast Mode black t-shirt with Beast’s face which I think is actually for men but I liked it so I got it; this was €8.


I think I might have lost track of the pjs that I have.  I know there is a mixture of long and short ones and a nightdress.  If they were in Penneys, I bought them.  My favourite pair has to be the  Mrs. Potts and Chip themed pjs.  My only criticism is that the top is cropped and I’m really not a fan of shorter tops.  I bought it in a bigger size and it is almost normal length.  I have been saving these pjs for my trip to Disney.


My Chip and Mrs. Potts slippers are adorable and they were €6.

Flip Flops

I have two styles: one with Belle and Beast and one with the enchanted characters.

Purses and Bags

I bought the Chip purse, Mrs. Potts purse and a Chip bag which is for children but I like it as a clutch bag.  These were €6 each.  I also have two tote bags at €4 each.


How lovely is this pack of two mugs with Belle and Beast for €5?   I also got the enchanted rose cup which has recently been released for €6.

After months and months of hoping, stalking and wishing I finally got a Chip cup.  I’m so thrilled.  In total I have 5 other Chip cups (and a real Mrs. Potts teapot) but I couldn’t rest until I got my hands on the Penneys one.

Mrs. Potts

My most recent purchase is the Mrs. Potts money box.  I have spent all of money on other items so I have none to put in it but it is a pretty addition to my collection.  It is great for €8.


Over the last week or so notebooks which are €3.50 and stationery sets which are €2.50 have been released which of course I had to purchase.

Wrapping Paper

I love wrapping paper and was thrilled when I spotted the pretty character paper.  I bought four rolls.  it is €2 each.   I have seen on Instagram that there is a very nice Chip wrapping paper on offer in Primark so I will be keeping an eye out for its arrival.


Again, I’ve lost track.  I know I bought every set and pair that was available.


I was thrilled to get my hands on the blanket, it is so soft and lovely and features the enchanted characters.  It was €8.


I have a bit of a weird obsession with napkins.  I stockpile pretty ones and never open them.  I have a full press of them.   It is a bit odd but it makes me happy.  I was thrilled when I found Beauty and the Beast ones so I bought a lot of packets.  I also bought plates, cups, a table cloth and goodie bags.

What I still want

  • The Cogsworth clock when it is released
  • The Chip cushion
  • The jumper which only seems to be in Primark at the moment
  • The Lumiere, Cogsworth and Wardrobe purses
  • The new bath items which will be released soon, particularly the Chip cup
  • The Mrs. Potts Christmas bauble I just saw on Instagram

I’m sure I have forgotten to mention plenty of items as I have honestly bought so many.  I feel like I’m stalking Penneys at the moment for their next item.  I need more!