Zinc Hairdressing

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a lady with long hair will be in fear of getting it cut.  I am this truth.  I generally loathe getting my hair cut, or at least the process of getting a haircut.  The first phase is contemplation of a cut followed by denial; my hair is fine, the split ends are grand, hardly noticeable.  Finally, acceptance takes over: it is time.  Acceptance for me is followed by the which salon do I choose question.  My last few cuts have been a disaster so I have stayed in the denial phase for quite a while and also haven’t had a regular hair salon to frequent.  My blogging bestie Emma from Mastering Your Makeup highly recommended Lisa in Zinc.  She is always fabulously styled by Lisa.

Last Saturday I made my way out to Kilmainham to Zinc.  I had been in contact with Lisa during the week so she was aware that I was a little nervous.  She honestly couldn’t have made me feel more welcome and more comfortable.  The same can be said for all of the staff in Zinc. They truly are a lovely bunch of people.

Feeling like a toad in the mirror

My hair was in a bad way.  I was nearly sitting on it and my split ends were horrendous.  I’m a lover of big hair and I’m constantly backcombing but as my hair was so long, lifeless and heavy, it was starting to look a little flat on top.  What had once been a side fringe was now a weird chunk of hair that was almost shoulder length.

Straight blow-dry for the first time in years.  So smooth.

Lisa came to my rescue.  We talked about how much hair I was willing to lose, which wasn’t a lot.  We discussed a style for my weird fringe bit and best of all Lisa understood my need for big hair.

So with my split ends finally gone, layers were cut in my locks.  To aid my backcombing Lisa created some hidden layers which gave me a nice bouffant.  I didn’t want another fringe so we decided on a short, chin length layer which I’m thrilled with.

Heated rollers

After myblow-dry I had my hair set with heated rollers.  This not only made my hair huge but gave my curls a lot of bounce.  Lisa used some of the Moroccan Oil products on my hair including the dry shampoo which is great for adding volume.

Finished product

I’m genuinely so thrilled with my hair.  I’m relieved and happy to have finally found a regular salon and I will 100% return to Lisa for my next cut and probably every cut after that.  I felt comfortable, listened to and in the hands of a true hair expert.  I can’t say enough good things about Lisa, Zinc and all the team.

My hair after its first wash