PS Pro Range

There is no denying that Penneys can be likened to Aladdin’s cave.  There are treasures aplenty to be found.  Whether it is tights, Disney pjs, a new pair of shoes or a duvet cover Penneys has you covered.  Recently there has been a lot of buzz around the PS beauty products.  There are brushes, nail varnishes, eye masks, make-up storage and more to choose from.  This week the much awaited PS Pro range hit the shelves and then flew off them at a ridiculously fast pace.  The range consists of lip products, primers, liners, foundation, concealer palettes, and loose powder.  I managed to get my hands on a few goodies.

PS Pro

I normally wait more than a few days before posting about any products that I have tried as I want to thoroughly put them through their paces and use them for a fair period before posting my thoughts.  As the PS Pro range is limited edition and is flying off the shelves, I’m sharing my thoughts a little earlier than usual.

Lip Scrub – €3.50

I’m obsessed with the lip scrub and if there is one left in my local Penneys I will pick up another one.  This is essentially an exfoliator for the lips.  It has a nice sugary smell (and taste) and removes the dead flakey bits that none of us want hanging around.  It also has almond oil so provides some nourishment and will leave your mouth soft and a little glossy.  I have used this every day since I bought it and I really can’t say enough good things about it.  I highly recommend it.

PS Scrub

Primer – €5

The next item on my list is the Prep and Perfect primer.  There are three different primers to choose from: a matte one, an illuminating one and this one which is great for fine lines and creating a smooth appearance.  The primer has a consistency which is very similar to Porefect and performs just as well.  It isn’t at all greasy and does exactly what it claims. I have tried it with a few foundations and it has been compatible with all of them.  The primer is a serious bargain.

PS Primer

Foundation – €6

I don’t always have a great relationship with budget foundations.  To be fair I don’t have a great relationship with a lot of high end ones either.  I have weird skin and it doesn’t always behave itself.  I knew when the PS Pro range was released that I wanted to try the foundation but I wasn’t sure how we’d get on.  I chose the lightest shade, Porcelain.  It is a longwear mineralised foundation and contains SPF15. It is in a pump format.  The first thing that surprised me was the consistency of the foundation.  I thought it would be on the watery side but it really isn’t.   I can cover my full face in one pump. The coverage is great and it hides my blemishes.  As I have only been wearing the foundation for a short time I really wanted to put it through its paces to really assess its worth and devised a number of categories and tests.

  1. The dog lick – my dogs are very affectionate and like to slobber on my face.  This can leave lovely milky looking tracks on my foundation.  I’m pleased to say the PS foundation passed the test.
  2. Exercise – I can’t stress enough how much you should not exercise wearing make-up.  It is so bad for your skin.  In the name of science, however, I gave it a go.  To be fair I’m not very athletic so my exercise was a brisk walk but the foundation was still perfectly in tact afterwards.
  3. Colour – I’m not sure how many shades are in the range but there was a good spectrum of very pale to dark.  The lightest shade was actually a teeny bit too pale for me so I mixed it with the tiniest amount of a darker shade.  I’m delighted that the foundation comes in such a light shade.
  4. Lasting power – the foundation claims to be longwear and in short, it is. It has great staying power.

PS Pro foundationjpg

Ultimately, I don’t feel like I’m wearing a budget foundation and I’m very pleased with it as I am will all of the PS Pro products I have tried.  They are great products at great value.