Image Skincare

Do you know when you try something for the first time and it just works?  You wonder what your life was like before the new product.  Were you ever really happy?  Were you ever truly living? Ok, I’m being deliberately silly but I have recently tried two new products from Image and they are genuinely changing my skin.

I have a couple of skin problems.  My skin is very sensitive and for the most part is on the dry side and can be dehydrated.  My chin, however, is another story.  It is covered in red and sore lumps and spots.  It was getting to the point that I was becoming very down over it.  I never had spots as a teenager so it is hard to take now being covered in them now. Lately I have really been feeling the impact of not looking 2o and I feel that my skin has started to age.

Having not been able to clear my skin for quite some time I contacted Anita from as she is a skincare expert.  She told me that I was probably being too harsh on my skin by using cleansing brushes and scrubs on the spots and that all of the force and abrasion was actually creating more oil as the skin was repairing itself.  She recommended a gentle routine and top of her list was the Vital C serum from Image.

Vital C Serum

I had heard amazing things about the Vital C serum and was eager to try it.  I have been using the serum for five or six weeks and there really was an almost instant change.  I can’t fully describe it only to say that my skin looks and feels healthier and better.  I use the serum twice a day after cleansing my skin.  It has a lovely lightweight texture and quickly dries into the skin.  My only negative of the serum, is something that will probably be a huge positive for everybody else.  The serum smells very strongly of oranges.  I have an irrational irritation to the scent of oranges!  In saying that, the serum is so good that I can live with the smell and as I say most people will adore the scent.  The serum prevents aging, environmental damage and boosts hydration.  Anita suggested that I use the serum over my chin spots and hydrate the area.  This is something that I hadn’t thought of.  She assured me that it would improve the area.  She was absolutely right.  It has made such a difference in improving the texture and actually reducing the lumps and spots.  I wouldn’t say I’m fully spot free now but it is certainly a vast improvement.

vital c

So what’s in it?  To start with, the serum is paraben free.  It contains a rich blend of vitamins A, C and E, all of which restore the skin from pollution and damage.  The serum is packed full of antioxidants that boost the skin and tackle signs of skin aging.  Overall the skin is given a new lease of life with a youthful glow.

Prevention+ Moisturiser

I have spoken at length about protecting skin from the sun and the importance of using SPF in a daily routine.  Nothing ages and damages the skin as  quickly as the sun.  Image’s Prevention+ moisturiser is a great choice for protecting the skin whilst caring for it and nourishing it.  The moisturiser range is available in a couple of formats:  hydration (SPF 30), matte (SPF 32), tinted (SPF 30) and ultimate protection (SPF 50).  I’m currently using the daily hydrating moisturiser.  I absolutely love the smell of it, it is kind of like Calpol or something.  It is gorgeous.  The moisturiser protects against UVA and UVB.  Although the moisturiser is quite lightweight it does take a while to fully dry into the skin so I’d recommend giving yourself a little while before applying make-up.  Once dry, my skin has a nice glow to it.  I put it on my face, neck and hands each morning.  This product is fantastic because my skin is hydrated and I don’t have to compromise between nourished and cared for skin and SPF protected skin. I find that a little goes a long way so the moisturiser lasts ages.


The ingredients include a blend of vitamins and antioxidants to care for the skin and prevent premature aging.  Green tea is also included which is rich in antioxidants and will soothe any irritation and it is also an anti-inflammatory.  Once again, it is paraben free.

Ormedic Balancing Lip Enhancement Complex

The last product I want to discuss is the Ormedic Balancing Lip Enhancement Complex.  I have mentioned this a couple of times before but I want to tell you again how absolutely amazing it is.  As I have dehydration issues with my skin, I also have them with my lips.  This is particularly noticeable during summer as the heat makes them crack and dry out even more.  The Ormedic lip balm is a miracle product.  It has an almost gel like texture but isn’t at all sticky or heavy on.  It feels lovely and soothing on the lips.  I use it every single night before going to bed as I find my lips tend to dry out at night, particularly in this humidity.  I tend to only need it once during the day.  The moisture boost from the balm is almost instant.  I absolutely love it.


I honestly can’t recommend these products enough.  They are skin changers.