Organic Surge

Recently I excitedly trotted along to the launch of Organic Surge organised by the lovely ladies of Rachel Dalton Communications.  The event was in Soder + Ko and it was fabulous.  I had never been in the venue before but it was great and there was a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  Each table was stocked with sample products to try and we were treated to a talk from the company.


I have to admit I had never heard of Organic Surge before so I was intrigued to try them. All of the products are natural, have an eco certification and are vegan friendly.  They are suitable for sensitive skin.  They are not tested on animals which is something that is important to me. Another aspect of Organic Surge to admire is their charitable work and emphasis on corporate social responsibility.


I have tried three products so far, the face wash and handcream from the Daily Care range and the hot cloth cleanser from the Extra Care range.  All of these products come with a surprisingly reasonable price tag.

Starting with facial wash.  It has a lovely light rose scent to it.  It reminds me of making rose petal water perfume in my Granny’s garden when I was small.  I fell in love with it after first use.   The cleanser is a gel that turns to foam when massaged into the skin.  It removes make-up easily and leaves the skin clean, calm and refreshed.  It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin or sting my eyes which a lot of products do.  I will 100% buy this product when it is finished and it will be replacing my current cleanser.  It has a great price tag of under €10.

OS Wash

Staying with the face the brightening hot cloth cleanser is an absolute must have.  It has a really creamy texture and is full of natural rose essential oils and shea butter.  It is best suited to normal-dry or mature skin and gives that extra cleanse to the skin.  I have used this product twice so far and I have really loved it.  It feels so relaxing and very luxurious on my skin.  Pop it on when in the bath for the ultimate pampering session.

OS Cloth

The last product that I tried is the Lavender Meadow handcream.  Now I have to say I’m not usually a big fan of handcream for the simple reason that I tend to forget to use it or when I do it takes ages to dry and leaves my hands all slimey.  I’m also not usually that fond of the smell of lavender.  The scent of this handcream, however, is very subtle and calming and just generally lovely.  The cream dries quickly which is great for me. It leaves my hands feeling conditioned and nourished and I have used it most nights since getting it.  Himself gets quite badly chapped hands with split skin in winter and he has started to use it too and is very impressed.

OS Hand

There were lots of lovely treats to sample at the event and I will definitely be making a few purchases.  I’m very interested to try their eye gels and eye creams and will make it my mission to seek them out.  Organic Surge is now available in All Care pharmacies and I cannot wait to stock up on more.  I’m thrilled with the products I have tried.