New in Penneys

There is no doubt about it, I’m addicted to Penneys.  It is an Aladdin’s cave of wonders.  I recently wrote about some of the goodies I picked up during the sales and today I’m talking about some of the new bits and pieces that are in Penneys as well as a few goodies that I have recently bought.

So firstly, what’s new in Penneys?  Make-up storage is highly sought after by most beauty lovers and it can be fairly expensive.  There are two products now available in Penneys, a double drawer set(€4) and a shelf set (€3).  Both are available in pink and clear. The bad news is that these are sold out in most shops but the good news is they are due back in stores the week of the 14th of February.


There’s a whole new range of lingerie sets in shops now.  These are all very pretty and incredibly reasonably priced.  There’s something about the yellow one for me and it is just gorgeous.

bras p

Sticking with bras, I bought a sports bra for €7.  I hate sports bras. They are something that I find a bit ugly (on me).  This one is a push up bra and it is perfect.  Now I’ll be honest, I won’t be running any marathons but it is a great buy; it looks good and is very comfy.

sports bra

Anyone that is on my social media accounts will see that I’m crazy about my pets.  In fact, as a side project I have started a pet blog.  Crazy Pet Lady was launched a few weeks ago.  I have found so many amazing bits and pieces for the pets in Penneys.  I’ll admit now that I’m a bit of a weirdo but I buy clothes for my pug puppy in the baby section of Penneys.  He has a full wardrobe now. All of his tshirts and jumpers range from €1.40-€4.50.


I mentioned before that I bought a fleece throw on sale for €5.  I actually bought three in total.  One for me, one for the hedgehog and guinea pigs and one for our puppy.  They are so soft and gorgeous.  These are still available.


I also bought two beanie warmers for the pets.  These are reduced to €2 and are still available.  Perfect for the cold week ahead that has been forecasted for both humans and pets.


I don’t really have any lounge wear and as I haven’t been well for quite a while now I really wanted to buy something I could relax in.  I bought a pair of leggings for €4 and a Batman jumper for €14.  I tend to overheat so I didn’t want a heavy jumper, the Batman one is lovely and light so I’m very comfortable and relaxed.  There are matching bottoms for the jumper and I’m quite tempted to get them as my new Sunday uniform.

batman top

So yeah, I absolutely love Penneys.