Christmas: Charity Donations

I have completed my full Christmas guide and covered, Irish gifts, luxury presents, stocking fillers for both humans and pets, DIY crafts and manly presents.  Today I’m discussing something a little bit different.  Christmas is a time for giving and today I’m talking about lots of deserving charities.  I don’t want this post to be pushy or preachy nor do I want to say that one charity is better than another. I’m simply putting forward some ideas for charitable donations.

Homelessness is a serious problem for Ireland at the moment.  It is horrific that any individual is forced to live on the streets and to be honest it is a complete failure of our government.  There are so many deserving charities that help the homeless.  I have raised funds for both The Simon Community and Focus before and they do fantastic work.  Text Hand  to 50300 to donate €4 to Focus.  Brother Kevin and his team do amazing and incredible work feeding those in Dublin that are unable to feed themselves in the Capuchin Day Centre.  Not only do they provide meals in a safe and warm setting, they also offer food parcels.  They work with both individuals and families.  Donate here.

Cancer is possibly one of the most haunting words in our vocabulary and unfortunately very few of us are free from its grip in some shape or form.  So many of the blogger events I attend raise money for cancer charities and it is a fantastic idea.  There are so many charities that can be contacted for once off Christmas donations or monthly contributions.  The other half of my blogging bestie Emma from Mastering your Makeup is raising funds for the Irish Cancer Society and is competing in Hell and Back.  Details are here.

My animals are my life.  I adore them.  I have a soft spot for animal charities and organisations like the DSPCA and Dogs Trust do amazing work.  They are always in need of donations.  Of all the animal sanctuaries I have a particular fondness for Dogs Aid as we got one of our furry babies from them (details here) and Dublin Hedgehog Rescue (find them on Facebook) but there really are so many deserving centres.

Irish Guide Dogs are an absolutely amazing charity.  The work they do really allows people to be themselves and live their lives.  Donations are always needed and at the moment they are running a campaign for text donations. Text Woof to 50300 to donate €4.

Organisations like Oxfam and Concern try to bring much needed resources to countries that have suffered great levels of devastation.  They bring food, medical supplies etc. and work hard to help the poorest communities.  Donate to Oxfam here.  Donate to Concern here.

Alone work with visiting the elderly.  So many older  people in Ireland right now are lonely.  It is utterly heartbreaking.  Donate here.

There are so many brilliant charities that provide an ear for those that need it in terms of depression, financial worries, feeling lonely, suicide and other mental health issues.  Aware, The Samaritans, Pieta House, Vincent De Paul etc. are all fantastic and are in need of funding.  I have attached links to donate over each name that I have mentioned.

These are just a few of the ideas for the giving season.  I wish you a very happy Christmas.