Master Series Palette from Blank Canvas Cosmetics

I have no ways left to say how much I love Blank Canvas Cosmetics.  They are my favourite brand.  I have every single one (or two or three) of the brushes and I always use them for both personal and professional use.  Their make-up is also fantastic. I use their shadows and liner every day and I can’t recommend them enough. There is rarely a day that goes by that I don’t use Blank Canvas Cosmetics.

BCC Master

Recently I, like many other bloggers and customers went crazy for the Pippa palette (read full review here).  The palette is fantastic and it is something that I have been truly amazed by.  It has done phenomenally well and I thought that was it for Blank Canvas surprises this year.


On a bit of a crappy day I was gifted with Blank Canvas’ next surprise, the new Master Series Palette which cheered me up.  This is the first in the series.  Upon opening the palette I was truly mesmerised by the beauty of it.  There is an array of gorgeous warm brown tones (my favourite) to choose from.  There are 12 shadows in total and they are a great size.  I hate when a palette has really narrow shadows that I can barely fit my brush on.  It also comes with a double ended brush with the  E40 and E41.  This is a great bonus.  The palette itself is in sturdy packaging with a mirror.


I want to give you a quick look at the shades.

BCC Master 1

Top row

BCC 2 Master

Bottom Row

Would you just look at them?  They are absolutely gorgeous.  The reddish, chocolately elements to the palette remind me of a red velvet cupcake.  They are amazing.

BCC Master

I always judge make-up by how easily and quickly I can put it on at 6am when running out the door to work.  The palette doesn’t disappoint.  I can do my eyes in three minutes (four with liner – Winging It, of course).  My favourite three minute combination at the moment is Goddess all over the lid, Hibiscus above the crease, Cocoa to define the crease and outer corners and finally Lily along the brow bone and inner corners.

The reason the shadows can be applied so quickly and easily is because they are great quality but also incredibly blendable.  This is something that’s really important to me and I love how easily one colour seamlessly transitions to the next.  The shadows have a gorgeous buttery texture that allow for this.

Another point to make about the palette is that each shade is incredibly pigmented and long lasting so your eye make-up will stay in place all day long.

I haven’t created a lot of looks to show you as I currently have a lovely mix of pleurisy and pneumonia so I’m all day pj and slippers chic right now.  I really wanted to give a first glance at the palette because I think it is a great idea for Christmas.  I’ll have some looks soon to show off the shadows but it really is amazing.  I highly recommend the palette, everyone needs it in their life!