Dublin Comic Con 2015

For the first time, this year I attended the Dublin Comic Con.  I have wanted to go before but for one reason or another it had never worked out.  I had a number of costumes for consideration but as we were sitting watching Bojack Horseman one evening we decided it would be funny to go as Bojack and Princess Caroline.  This is just a quick post to tell you how I made the costume, created the make-up and some information about Comic Con itself.

comic con

Once I suggested dressing up as Princess Caroline I quickly realised I had nothing that was remotely like her costume.  I did what anyone in a clothing crisis does, I went to Penneys.  I was really lucky because I found both a green and yellow skater dress on sale for €3 each.  I also found a pink bob wig for €8.

I cut a fish shape out of cardboard and then used it to cut fish out of the yellow dress.  I was feeling fairly lazy so I attached them to the green dress with fabric glue rather than stitching them on.  I bought pink cat ears in H&M for €3.  I already had pink tights and a yellow cardigan so that was my costume sorted.

I didn’t have time to try out my make-up before Comic Con so on the morning I had to hope for the best.  I found a cat nose in Tiger for €1 which I painted pink.  I cut the string off and attached it to my face.  I then covered my face, neck and arms in a bright pink face paint from Snazaroo.  I used a darker pink/light purple Snazaroo shade for a little contour and a pale pink which I bought from Sunaura for highlighter.  To create pink eyes I used Blank Canvas Cosmetics shadows and Wining It liner.  My lips were created with Cherry Picking from Wet n Wild.  Finally I drew on some nose details with a black liner.  I clipped back the wig so it looked shorter and backcombed the fringe.


Himself had a relatively easy task for Bojack.  He bought a horse mask and painted it to match Bojack’s face.

princess caroline

Comic Con was held in the convention centre.  There were plenty of cool costumes on display as soon as we walked in.  One of the first sights was a giant Preditor.  We went to the merchandise room which was absolutely packed.  It took a while to navigate it due to the large volume of people.  We got to see some more costumes and met with a couple of people asking about ours.  There were so many great things to buy but we settled on a baby Groot.  I love it and it is perfect for our hallway.


There were also charities present so I got to pet a beautiful dog as part of the Irish Guide Dog collection and got a hedgehog toy after donating to the Kildare Wildlife Association.  The room also saw a number of props from games to a delorean.  I particularly liked Toothless from How to Train your Dragon.


Needing a bit of space we went upstairs so that we could gaze upon all that Comic Con had to offer.  I saw a couple of costumes that I loved.  One group had dressed up as all of the characters from Inside Out and they looked fantastic.  I saw two Hellboys that were amazing, a King Goffrey that had a cape I was jealous of, the most badass Batman ever and a full set of Power Rangers.  There were lots of Disney costumes and more Harley Quinns than you could shake a big hammer at.  There was something for everyone.

power rangers

Upstairs hosted a number of writers and animators as well as some Star Wars props.  They were great.  The autograph stands were also situated in the same room.

star wars

We had a brilliant time at Comic Con and we’ll definitely return next year.