Tiger Blanchardstown

Many of you may already know that I adore Tiger.  I love it for its craft supplies, its whimsical goodies (especially the dinosaurs in clay, my dad and I have lots of fun excavating them) and its stamps.  I have an ink stamp obsession.  I can’t explain it but I’ve always loved them.  Last summer I managed to find a hedgehog stamp which I’m currently using on everything I post.  Tiger is the best place to go for small and cute gifts and stocking fillers.  I participate in the Shoebox Appeal every Christmas and Tiger is fantastic for picking up little presents to include.

When I saw the Halloj Blanchardstown signs and Tiger animations for their new shop I nearly lost the plot.  I had been saying for ages that Blanchardstown Shopping Centre needed a Tiger and was even considering setting up a petition.  I couldn’t wait for it to open and I was thrilled when an invitation for the opening night arrived in the door.

Tiger entrance

On Tuesday the 14th of July we made our way to the new store (himself loves Tiger too) and were greeted by a sea of black and orange balloons framing the front entrance.  I was delighted to see the lovely Gillian, the brains behind Tiger.  The shop was absolutely packed.  Everyone was giddy with excitement to be there and we were all eager to get a glimpse at each and every Tiger item.  We were absolutely spoiled as there was a fruit and cream stand with sweets and chocolate.  Himself had loads of lovely choclatey strawberries.  There was also an artisan popcorn stand and a cheese table.  Tiger showcased lots of great local businesses to bring us these treats.


The shop is very spacious and has a little bit of everything.  On the night we bought a Japanese style teapot and cup – for my geisha tea ceremonies of course, a little tool for jewellery making, a wrist rest for computer use, a small trolley which is great for blog pictures, a small frame, floral garland and a Fabergé style egg as I love them.  We were then treated to chocolate bar notebooks, penguin post-its, mini tricolour garland, flower pens, sweets, a nail brush and stationery all presented in a strawberry bag.


pumpkin tiger 2Pumpkin and his new shopping trolley

Since then I have been back several times and have bought a DIY bird house, a clear storage box, a manicure set for Pumpkin, supplies for jewellery making and mini masks for my Comic Con look.  I was very foolish and missed out on the hot glue gun but I’m stalking the shop until it is in stock again.


I love love love Tiger.  There is something for everyone.  I don’t think anybody could walk in and not be intrigued by something and it is not possible to leave empty handed.  I’m delighted that Tiger has opened in Blanchardstown.  Halloj Tiger and welcome.