Friday Favourites: Ren-der me in Love

Over the last few months I have started to fall in love with Ren.  Ren is a Swedish company that produces clean skincare free of nasty chemicals and animal testing.  The first product that I used was their Optimum Skin Oil and I have been working my way through cleansers, moisturisers, serums, shower gels and lotions.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Ren’s Beauty Shot at the end of January and even luckier to take a bottle home with me to try.  The launch itself was organised by the lovely ladies of Rachel Dalton Communications (special thanks to Sophie and Naomi for being very helpful and very kind).  The event was held in House on Leeson Street and the venue was really beautiful.  David Leigh Delport, Ren’s Head of Education, spoke about the brand and gave some invaluable tips to looking after one’s skin.   His talk only strengthened my new obsession with the brand and I think that I will now have to buy all of their products!


Beauty Shot

Ren’s Beauty Shot is a gel serum that very quickly boosts the skin’s appearance, by very quickly I mean improvements are visible after thirty minutes!  The serum makes the skin appear more youthful and gives a healthy glow to the skin.  It can be used under make-up and makes an excellent primer but can also be used over make-up as desired.  Upon application the gel is a little sticky but this quickly vanishes and the face looks like it has been lifted upwards.  Only a tiny drop is needed and it is then patted on the skin.  David suggested using the serum at night and then again first thing in the morning for a dramatic result.  This is a great tip for special occasions or very tired days.   I have had a manic few weeks and I have been stressed and sleep deprived.  The serum contains hyaluronan I and II and dramatically makes the skin appear more plum and youthful.   I have been using this product to help me look human and I can’t say enough good things about it.  I’m really pleased with it and I will definitely purchase it when this bottle runs out.   Ren’s Beauty Shot is suitable for all skin types.


Body Products

The lovely people of Ren and Rachel Dalton also sent me home with a beautiful set of shower gels and body lotions.  There are two sets, the invigorating mint and the Moroccan Rose Otto Oil.  The invigorating set is fantastic and is the perfect choice when feeling drained.  It smells gorgeously minty and makes me feel instantly more awake.  The Moroccan Rose Otto Oil is known for relieving stress.


Ren Optimum Skin Oil

This oil is one of Ren’s iconic products.  Oils are the best product for anti-aging and this one is no different.   I use this before bed and my skin feels nourished and soft the next morning.  This is definitely a product that I will be keeping on my bedside locker for regular night use.  The oil contains rosehip, algae and vitamin E.  The skin looks healthier after use.  It is suitable for all skin types but is really great for sensitive skin as it soothes any irritations.


Hydra-Calm Range

The Hydra-calm cleanser is aimed at sensitive skin.  It is a thick and luxurious milk that won’t irritate the skin.  Sometimes I find that some cleansers can be too much on my skin and can leave me feeling a little bit raw as my skin is very sensitive.  This is not at all the case with this cleanser.  My skin feels thoroughly clean but completely undamaged or irritated.

The day Hydra-Calm day cream nourishes the skin for the day ahead.  The skin is soft and conditioned after use.  It dries in nicely and is a perfect base for foundation.


Revitalising Night Cream

The night cream is a thicker version of the day cream and provides fantastic overnight nourishment and revitalisation to the skin.  It contains, frankincense and smells lovely.  My skin feels hydrated and soft after use and it is great for boosting a healthy glow.


I have loved the Ren items that I have tried.  The next items that I hope to purchase are the One Minute Facial and Eye Cream.