Surviving the Irish Beauty Show

The Irish Beauty Show comes to the RDS, Dublin twice a year and is a mecca for beauty bloggers, beauty addicts and bargain hunters.  The RDS is packed full of stands and almost every beauty product imaginable is available to purchase.   I have a few tips for those attending.

  1. Be prepared to be bombarded with correspondence from the Irish Beauty Show
    There are constant emails, letters, texts and carrier pigeons that are going to come your way from the minute you register for the show until about a year after it has finished. I won’t lie to you, your head will probably be melted as every day something will appear in your inbox.
  2. Get there early
    The show starts at 10am and my advice is be at the door ready to go in for 10am. The show gets incredibly busy and at times there is a queue. In early and out early is your best bet.
  3. Be prepared for crowds
    The show gets absolutely packed and sometimes it is hard to see where you are even going. You will have somebody push into you and you will have somebody stand on your toe.
  4. Have an idea what you want
    In the multiple emails and letters, there will be a list of all of the exhibitors attending. Read through them and identify the stands that host the companies of interest to you. Have a think about what you actually want to buy. It will make the experience much easier. To name but a few this year, I am in the market for a few goodies from Blank Canvas Cosmetics, some new hair brushes from Sleep in Rollers and a new brow powder from Billion Dollar Brows.
  5. Bring cash and decide on a budget
    Most of the stands take cash only although Crown usually tends to accept credit cards. If you have an idea of what you want then bring a similar amount of money. Do not bring a lot of money with no idea what you want to buy because you will leave the show penniless and with 40 million fake nails and a couple of pots of glitter. It is the easiest place on earth to spend money.
  6. Bring a bag
    I always bring a tote bag so I can throw all of my new purchases in it. Some of the stands don’t have bags so it is handy to have one with you.
  7. Bring a bottle of water
    There is a coffee shop in the venue but it can get very full so I strongly advise bringing a bottle of water, thrown in the tote bag of course!
  8. Be prepared to be jumped on
    There will be plenty of sellers jumping out behind their stands to try and dazzle you with their products. Generally these products are related to salon tans and wax. You will also have a multitude of people tripping over themselves to give you brochures.
  9. Support Irish brands
    There are some fabulous Irish brands that are well worth visiting (and purchasing from!) at the show. Blank Canvas Cosmetics, Waxperts, Nima Brush, AYU and many more will be there on the day.
  10. Be comfortable
    Not to sound like your mother but do wear comfortable shoes because you may be walking around for a while. The venue is also usually roasting, particularly when it is packed so I wouldn’t advise bringing a coat because you’ll only end up having to carry it around.


I hope these tips are useful to you.  Enjoy the show.