Help the Homeless

As you will know my blog is about beauty and make-up.  I love playing around with make-up, making myself look completely different and trying out new products.  I never thought I’d become a blogger as I’m camera shy in “real life” and I never thought I’d be sharing a gallery with the public.  I rarely talk about anything serious because my blog is about fun and it is somewhat removed from my everyday life.  Tonight, however, I’d like to appeal to you all about something serious.

I have just posted a Christmas stocking fillers post and it isn’t sitting well with me at all.  On my way to buy food tonight I saw a homeless couple.  They were young; about the same age as my boyfriend and I.  They were visibly cold and the woman was shivering.  I gave them whatever money I had on me but it wasn’t nearly enough.  When I looked a couple of yards up the road I could see a homeless man, also shivering with the cold.

What touched me the most about the couple is that when I left and was waiting to cross the road, I looked back and saw them, they were hugging and kissing.  Even in one of the most horrendous situations they could find themselves in they still had love and each other.

As some of you will know I have been a supporter of both Focus Ireland and The Simon Community for a while now.  I’m appealing to you to donate time, money, warm clothing and anything you can to help those that are in the cold this Christmas.  You don’t have to perform any grand gestures; even buying a homeless person a cup of tea on your way to work will make a difference.

Any of us could find ourselves in a difficult situation and become homeless.  Please do what you can this Christmas to help the homeless.