Urban Decay Blackrock

Last Thursday the lovely Emma from Mastering your Make-up attended a masterclass in Urban Decay Blackrock.  I love going anywhere with Emma because we always manage to have a good old laugh.  We had a little nosey around Debenhams and made wish-lists before wandering over to Urban Decay.  Before we took our seats we met MUAs Doireann and Meg.  Both ladies were gorgeous.  I loved that their make-up styles were so different but yet each was fabulous.  Doireann had more focus on her lips and Meg had more of a focus on her eyes.  I’m actually planning on recreating Meg’s eye make-up for my next occasion make-up.  It was smokey and glittery and generally amazing.  Both ladies were extremely friendly and approachable.

A small booklet was placed on each seat which gave instructions on how to contour and highlight and had space to take notes.  Luckily we got a seat in the front row as I had no glasses on and would have struggled to see the action.  Doireann was creating a day look and Meg was creating an evening look.  The models were Doireann’s twin sisters so it was great to see how different the girls looked with more dramatic make-up.

The day look focused on natural skin, natural lips and a soft eye created with shades from the Naked 2 palette.  Naked Skin foundation was used and loose powder was placed over the face.  Eyeliner was smudged along the lashes to create an open eyed look.  The finish was lovely and Doireann created a really pretty look.

The night look also used Naked Skin foundation but with a pressed powder.  Although some light brown shades were used to create a dramatic eye, it was the purple from the Electric palette which commanded the most attention.  Purple is my favourite colour so I love seeing it used in dramatic eye looks.  The purple was pressed along the lid and then blended with browns and blacks.  The finished look was stunning.


Both looks used Urban Decay’s new Perversion mascara.  Perversion was launched nationwide on the 4th of August.  It promises bigger, blacker, badder lashes.  I liked that when both artists were using it, the mascara seemed to be quite wet and not at all drying.  I often find that mascaras make my lashes look (and feel) very brittle.  The girls’ lashes looked conditioned and lovely.  As the mascara was not available to buy on the night, Doireann and Meg were taking deposits for it.  A €5 deposit secured both the mascara and its primer Subversion.  Of course I made a deposit and I’m looking forward to trying the set which costs €21.  I was, however, lucky enough to be given a sample of Perversion to keep me going.  You can read my review here.

After the class, Emma and I took a stroll around the various stands and made a shopping list.  I needed to replace my Naked Skin foundation so I planned to purchase a new one.  I was also thinking of buying the All Nighter spray.  The foundation normally costs €34 but there was an offer to buy the foundation (full size),  All Nighter (travel size) and a mini Good Karma brush (just the head) for €40.  I was delighted with myself.  Both Emma and I were really amazed by the pencil eyeliners.  I have quite smudgey eyes so I was thrilled to see that one of the 24/7 liners in particular had a matte finish seconds after applying it.  It would not budge.  I will definitely be trying this out in the future.