A Blank Canvas Christmas

Today I’m talking about Christmas ideas from Blank Canvas Cosmetics.  Tomorrow Blank Canvas will be offering 30% off as part of their Black Friday sale so it is the perfect excuse to buy a few bits and pieces for yourself as well as presents for others.  Blank Canvas is my absolute favourite brand and every single product is of utmost quality and brilliance.  Basically, I’m recommending everything.  Go mad, buy the lot!  There are so many brushes and palettes to recommend for presents and stocking fillers but today I’m going to focus on just a few.  I should add at this point that I have taken my photos from the Blank Canvas website; I had a bit of an accident with my phone so I can’t take pictures with its camera at the moment.

Starting with brushes, the Dimension Series has recently been launched which offers a collection of new brushes as well as a change of outfit for some old reliables.  The Dimension Series sees brushes dressed in black and gold, hot pink and metallics.  The first brush I want to talk about is the F01 quick brush.  This is an absolute must-have.  It is quite like the F20 foundation brush only bigger in dimension and shorted in size.  The brush is suitable for foundation, powder and bronzer; it can be used on wet and dry products.  I use this brush most mornings as I can buff in my foundation quickly.


The F39 is a beauty of a brush.  It is dome shaped and can be used for applying both pressed and loose powder as well as blusher.  I use mine for powder.  It is the softest brush you will find.  It feels like crushed velvet rubbing on my skin.  The F39 is so unbelievably perfect.


The F33 is the perfect tool for creating a sculpted look.  It works on wet and dry products so cream and powder contour.  If you want chiselled cheekbones then this is the brush for you.


The E01 has a dual purpose.  It can be used for blending shadows, both cream and powder.  It can also be used to blend concealer, particularly under the eyes.

The F08 dome buffing brush is another multi-purpose gem.  It can be used for foundation, powder, contour, blusher, wet and dry products.  It gives a gorgeous finish to the skin.


There are a number of brush sets such as the multi-colour 4 piece HD set and My Face and Eye 12 piece set which will make a great gift.  An amazing present is the Pro Deluxe gift set.  It contains the Pippa palette, Sinead Cady’s The Makeup Chair book, the F20, F21, E25, E26, E30, Winging It liner and Borderlines liner.


The standee is the latest offering from Blank Canvas and it is a great way of storing the brushes hygienically or packing them for travel.  Filling the standee with some brushes would make a fantastic Christmas gift.


Moving now to palettes, Blank Canvas have outdone themselves with both the Pippa and Master Series.  I have written and raved about both of them on several occasions and I highly recommend them.  I have only good things to say.  The Pippa palette is a good go-to palette as it has almost everything in it.  Eyes, contour, highlighter and blusher are all catered for.  The highlighter in this palette is simply stunning.  It also comes in a set with seven brushes for the ultimate Christmas present.


The Master Series palette has a range of warm shadows that will suit all eye colours.  There are 12 shadows, 11 matte and 1 shimmery which is an absolute beauty.  The palette also comes with a double ended brush.  The palette is perfect for make-up lovers, pros and beginners.


Gift boxes are available if you want to make your own set or hamper as a present.


The best presents are from Blank Canvas Cosmetics!  Make sure to visit for 30% tomorrow.