Wedding Wednesday: Halloween Costume

Although we are now on the countdown to Christmas, this week’s Wedding Wednesday is going to take a look back on Halloween.  Halloween is my favourite time of year; I absolutely love it.  This year for Halloween we dressed up as Corpse Bride and Victor and had our engagement party.  This evening I’m going to tell you how I created the look and costume.


Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride (Emily) is quite blue.  She has blue skin and blue hues to her dress and accessories.  I had originally planned on being blue but I had some skin allergies that week and instead opted to be very pale with blue accents.  On my eyes I used a lot of blue and navy.  I added white on my waterline and under the lashes to create a larger eye and lined the area with blue.  I placed lashes on this new line as well as my top lash.  All of the shadows were from Blank Canvas Cosmetics.  My eyebrows were exaggerated and made me look sad.  I used dark blue for my contour.  My lips were Smokin’ Hot Pink from Wet n Wild.  I added blues in random spots over my neck and chest.


I bought my wig on eBay for €6.  It was a cosplay one so it was quite comfortable and not at all itchy.  I bought the wedding dress on AliExpress for just under €40.  I was a bit disappointed when it arrived because the size was terrible on me.  I was convinced it would be too small but in fact it was the opposite.  It was massive on me and looked horrible.  Nothing about it suited me.  I put the disappointment aside and tried to work on it.  My mam very kindly took in the top for me so it fit a little better.  I then started chopping.  I cut a large split up the centre of the dress and then created jagged edges along the bottom.  I also cut some of the material at the rib.  I stitched ribs from a toddler’s skeleton costume in this area.


The dress was a bit see through and needed some more layers.  I used a large piece of net curtain which I soaked in a sink of tea to dis-colour. I sewed two popper buttons on the net so that it would fasten on me.  I stitched on some Halloween spiders and leaves to make it look as if I had emerged from the ground.


The next step was to take a can of blue spray pain to the dress and net curtain. I concentrated on the bottom of the dress.

The veil was a piece of shimmery white voile.  I used the exact same techniques with the veil and cut it, sprayed it and added spiders and leaves.  I had a white floral elastic hairband which got the spray paint treatment.  I stitched the veil on the hairband.  For my flowers I had some plastic white daisies that again were spray painted. I had a piece of blue lace that I wrapped around the stems.

The final piece of the puzzle was my shoes.  These weren’t really Corpse Bride orientated but more Halloween shoes.  Originally they were white with a wooden heel.  I printed Halloween images on photo paper and placed them on the shoes with pva glue.  When they were dry I added purple glitter again with pva glue.  Each shoe was then completely covered in Mod Podge glue as it is a sealant.


I had so much fun making this costume and indeed wearing it.