Halloween Haul

I love love love Halloween.  It is my absolute favourite time of year.  Halloween in our house officially starts on Pumpkin’s birthday which is the 13th of September.  One of my favourite things in life is to look at the Halloween stuff as it arrives in the shops.  This is has been something that I have loved since I was about four or five.  I still get excited ever year and it makes me so ridiculously happy.  This year I’ve had even more Halloween joy by being able to dress my boys in costumes.  Pumpkin, Thor and Loki have always worn hats and Pumpkin even came third in a Hedge-oween contest before but they don’t really like costumes.  Gatsby and Finch, however, have become the perfect Halloween models.  Anyway, all of that aside I want to show you some of my current favourite Halloween items.


Starting off with my absolutely fabulous nails from Caroline’s Beauty Room.  They are amazing.  I have written several times about Caroline and her incredible talent.  She is a nail queen and you have to visit her salon in Rush.  Caroline will make you feel relaxed and at ease as well as adorning you with the most beautiful nails.  I’m always in awe of her.


These Halloween leggings (€5) and tights (€3.50) from Penneys are amazing.


Just look at this Halloween pasta from Lidl.  I can’t actually eat it because I can’t have gluten but it looks so good I had to get it.  They also sell Halloween shaped crisps, marshmallows, biscuits, potato croquettes and chicken nuggets.


This neon orange nail varnish is so perfect.  I adore it.  So many people have commented on it and asked me about it.  I got it in Home World in Blanchardstown in the Halloween make-up section.  It is so bright and fabulous and cost €3.  It is UV but I have a good clear top coat on it and I think it takes the UV aspect away.


These signs are great and are from Dealz at €1.50 each.


Sticking with Dealz, my new dog Scraps is perfect for my Halloween costume.


I love crafts and recently I have been making a lot of shoes.  I decided to give Halloween ones a go and here is the result.  These shoes started out as white.


These skull glasses come in a range of colours and are €1.50 each from EuroGiant.


Finally, every year I look forward to the Lush Halloween collection.  I was delighted to see that Lord of Misrule had returned as I loved it last year.  I picked it up in a bath bomb as well as a pumpkin one.  Apologies for the terrible picture.


It was really hard to narrow my selection down as there are so many Halloween items that I love.  I hope you have found some Halloween inspiration in this post.