Halloween – Mavis from Hotel Transylvania

Leaves have fallen, it is starting to get a little colder, it is getting darker earlier and Halloween is near.  This is my absolute favourite time of year.  Nothing makes me happier than feeling a chill and browsing Halloween products in shops.  I will have a separate post on my favourite Halloween items but today I’m focusing on my first Halloween look of the season, Mavis.

I want to show you how to create looks that are simple and affordable using as few products as possible.  Mavis is a pretty easy look for anyone that doesn’t want to go too mad in terms of time and money for Halloween.  All you really need is a black dress or even an over-sized tshirt.


You will need a few essentials, I have listed the exact brands that I used but any will do:

  • Black pencil eyeliner (Wet n Wild)
  • Black gel or liquid liner (Wet n Wild)
  • Dark brown shadow (Blank Canvas Cosmetics 26 shadow palette)
  • Pale foundation
  • Dark brown /black lipstick (Wet n Wild, Cherry Bomb)
  • Contour and highlighter  (Blank Canvas Cosmetics, Pippa)


  1. The first thing I did was create a smoky eye.  I always create a smoky eye by drawing on the lid with a black liner pencil.  This does not need to be tidy or neat.  Smudge it in with a brush.  I used the E26 from Blank Canvas Cosmetics. Once this was done I used a dark brown from the Blank Canvas palette and blended it in to the lid and crease with an E25.  I added a cream shadow in Bronze patted on the lid with an E24 and lined with Wet n Wild’s new Proline liner.  I lined my waterline with the black liner pencil and smudged some under my eye whilst using the same brown from the palette under my bottom lashes.  I added a light beige from the same palette under my brows.
  2. I used the liner to define my brows and make them a strong black.


3. Any pale foundation will work for the look.  I applied foundation with the F20 foundation brush.  I applied a few layers.

4. For contour, highlighter and blusher I used the Pippa palette and the F16, F05 and  F04 from Blank Canvas accordingly.

5. For my lips I lined and shaded them with black eyeliner and then added Cherry Bomb lipstick from Wet n Wild.

I had a clip on fringe and pinned my hair up to make it shorter.


That’s it.  You’ll be Mavis in no time!