My Addiction to Dresses Continues

I am completely and utterly besotted and obsessed with dresses.  They are my staple uniform, they cheer me up when I feel sad, they are my way of life.  I have so many dresses that my two wardrobes are now about to burst.  Each dress holds a special memory for me or makes me think of a certain day or time.  They are almost like my friends.  Now whilst I realise having a grá for a nice guna isn’t actually unusual, I have an addiction.  I can’t stop buying them; they just make me so happy.  I should add, however, that I will still always complain about having nothing to wear!  Over the last two weeks I picked up some beauties and some serious bargains.  Although I don’t usually blog about clothing I  decided to publish a dress haul.  I should add that I had some vouchers from Christmas that I hadn’t yet used and that’s how I funded most of my latest collection.  Also, most of these dresses are very similar and you’ll certainly notice some recurring themes!

First up is this very cute and simple dress from Dorothy Perkins.  This is one of the most expensive dresses in my haul but was still only €20.  Not bad at all.  It is quite low cut but it looks really nice and sweet.  It is perfect for the summer as it is nice and light.   I will never have my arms on show so it goes well with a cardigan or shrug.

dorothy floral

My next dress of choice is from the Littlewoods Ireland sale.  I can’t tell you just how much I love the Littlewoods sale.  I always pick up some amazing bargains in it.  Best of all there are free returns so if something isn’t right or doesn’t fit, there’s no hassle in sending it back.  This dress is perfect for someone like me that needs arm camouflage at all times and in all weather.  There are cutouts on the sleeves but they only show the top of my shoulders so they are fine.  They serve as a nice detail.  The sleeves are so pretty and floaty; I just love them.  This is another low cut dress but a vest top or crop top underneath will protect one’s modesty if needed.  This was just over €20 and is by Very.

littlewoods split

Sticking with Littlewoods Ireland, my next dress is a true treasure find for me.  It has kimono style sleeves and is really light and easy to wear.  Black is my favourite colour for clothes so this is perfect.  Once again, it is a bit low cut.  It comes with a tan braided belt which is a nice detail.  It isn’t too short so will be great  for wearing when I can abandon my tights.  This is another Very dress and I paid €11 for it.  I have been wearing it with tights and heeled ankle boots but it will be great during the summer with flip flops or wedges.

black kimono

My next dress is from good old Penneys.  I actually saw this dress in the window and thought it was very pretty.  As I said I love wearing black and I really like a strong floral print on black.  It cost €14 and is well worth the money.

penneys floral

On Sunday whilst on my way to buy dog food I saw that there was a sale in New Look and thought there’d be no harm in just going in for a browse.  I ended up walking out with three dresses!  The first of these is one that I had my eye on for ages. It is from the Mela Loves London range.  A large portion of the dresses in my wardrobe are Mela Loves London.  I really like them as they have great prints and can be very striking and sometimes unusual.  The dress was €37 but I picked it up for €16 in the sale.  I was delighted with myself.  Once again it is black (I told you I love black!) with a floral and bird print.  The colours include blue and purple and they are so so pretty.  The dress comes with a sash.

mela floral

Sticking with Mela Loves London, I bought a black lace dress with sleeves.  If there is one thing I love more than a black floral print dress, it is a black lace dress – my absolute favourite.  The fact that it has sleeves makes it even better. The dress in the picture looks like a big shapeless sack but it is actually really nice on and I couldn’t be happier with it.  It reminds me of a 1960s tunic style.  I got this one for €15.

black mela

Finally, the last gem in my collection cost €8.  You won’t be surprised to learn that it is another black floral print dress.  I seriously have a problem.  The print on this one reminds me of an old tapestry and has lots of purple (my favourite colour).  This was an absolute bargain.

new look tapestry

So that’s it for my latest dress fix.