How to Repair a Broken Nail

On Saturday I completely and utterly busted my thumb nail.  It was hideous and the break was very far up the nail bed.  Not wanting to be de-clawed because of the pain it would cause and because of vanity I decided to fix it.


It is relatively easy to do and you’ll need a couple of tools: a tweezers, a nail file, some nail glue and a teabag.


1. Put a small drop of glue on the nail to hold it in place.

2. File the nail to even it out.  Be careful not to damage the nail by buffing it too hard.

3. Cut a small piece out of the teabag that will fit over the crack.  I used a piece that was a little over the crack and the full length of the rest of my nail.

4. Apply more glue to the nail and place the teabag on it with a tweezers.


5. Even it out with the tweezers so there are no bubbles.

6. Apply more glue over the teabag and let it dry.  The longer you leave it the better so I suggest an hour.

7. File the teabag in line with the nail so there isn’t a ridge.  By the time you’re finished it shouldn’t look too noticeable that there is a teabag stuck on your nail!


8. Apply a coating of clear nail varnish.

Here’s the finished product. I used Wet n Wild’s bright orange from their Spoiled collection.

final final


How do you fix broken nails?  Are you fan of long talons or do you prefer shorter nails?