Birthday Blues 2.0: Life Lessons

Last year on my birthday I published 45 life lessons.  A year later I have decided to add a few more points and lessons learned.  As I stated last year, I absolutely hate birthdays.  I tend to go into complete meltdown and panic at the thought of being a year older.  I think about all of the things I haven’t done or haven’t achieved and I think I will be tossed to the side because I’m “old”.

Anyway, here are some things I try to convince myself are true and some things I know for sure are true and having another birthday is a good time to re-visit them.

  1. Getting older is a good thing.  The alternative is not being here for your next birthday.
  2. Regrets are a waste of time.
  3. Sometimes there is nothing better in life than sitting on a couch watching TV.
  4. Apostrophes matter, use them with care and kindness.
  5. Friendship is about quality over quantity.
  6. Always remove your make-up before you go to sleep.
  7. Love happens when you least expect it, often with the person you least expected.
  8. Try to be friendly with your siblings; they are the only people that truly understand your foundation.
  9. It is ok to be a nerd; we rule the world.
  10. Put down the damn camera / phone and enjoy a moment with your own eyes.
  11. Learn to listen; it is the hardest thing to do properly.
  12. Get involved with politics and pick a side.
  13. Look after your mental health.
  14. Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows.  You will regret it and you will look silly.
  15. It is ok to have feelings.
  16. Love with all your heart.
  17. Cake is good.
  18. Only one pet in your life will outlive you.  Unfortunately the rest will cause you heartache, but they are worth it.
  19. Happiness doesn’t just happen, it takes work.
  20. You can change your life but sometimes it takes time, so get a hobby.
  21. Gluten is evil.  It presents itself in all of the nicest foods and torments the poor intolerant sufferer.
  22. Look after your heart.  Believe me, you don’t want to spend a lifetime on medication.
  23. Wear sunscreen.
  24. Educate yourself.  It will be your most powerful tool.
  25. Be nice to people.
  26. Go for a walk, it will do you a world of good.
  27. Don’t mess too much with your hair.  By the time you’re in your late twenties it will look like straw.
  28. Talk to the older people in your life.  Learn about their lives before it is too late.  You’ll be amazed by their stories and adventures.
  29. Oranges are the most disgusting smelling substance in the world.
  30. Make mistakes.  There is no better method of learning.
  31. Do what you want to do and don’t worry about looking stupid.  We all look stupid in the eyes of someone else anyway.
  32. Events that seem insignificant can become your most cherished memories.
  33. It is perfectly acceptable to love a dog more than a human.
  34. Singing in the shower will make you a happier person.
  35. Don’t engage in online dress shopping when feeling depressed.  You will bankrupt yourself and probably make bad choices.
  36. Volunteer and donate to charity.  Help the homeless.
  37. Tell the people in your life how much they mean to you.  You never know how your words will brighten their day.
  38. People that are incapable of indicating / can’t use a one way system properly deserve your rage.
  39. Always follow your gut instinct.
  40. Trends are absolute nonsense.
  41. Take on tasks that scare and challenge you.
  42. Love is the only thing that will last forever.
  43. Brush your teeth.
  44. People come and go.  Sometimes relationships will fall apart despite your best efforts.
  45. Tea and chocolate can aid all sorts of ailments and woes.
  46. Social media is not real life.  Nobody looks like their Instagram photos and nobody has the life they claim to on Facebook.
  47. My dad learning to text is one of the best things ever.
  48. Nobody ever feels grown up or like an adult.  I go to meetings and look like I’m pondering world important matters but usually I’m thinking about being a superhero or Belle or eating delicious food.
  49. Equality matters.  We need to vote yes in the upcoming referendum.
  50. Pygmy hedgehogs are the most adorable creatures in the world.
  51. Halloween is the best time of year.
  52. Buying/moving house really sucks.
  53. Eye creams become increasingly more important the older one gets.
  54. Lesley Knope is my spirit animal.
  55. Shit happens.
  56. Afternoon tea is one of life’s true pleasures.
  57. You are never too old to make new friends.
  58. Beauty and the Beast is the best film ever.  There is nothing wrong with the 1991 version and there is no need for a remake or live action film.  End it now!
  59. Feminism matters, it isn’t about burning bras, it is about striving for social, political and economic equality.  Get involved and support it.
  60. Very few people know what they want to do in life, it is pretty normal to feel a bit lost.

So there you have it, my life musings.