Halloween Favourites

Halloween has always been my favourite time of year.  I’ve always loved dressing up although I spent my earlier years in a bin bag.  It is amazing how many different costumes can be created from a black bin liner.  When I was younger I got excited about seeing witches’ brooms and vampire fangs come into shops and I still feel the same way when Halloween merchandise starts to fill the shelves.  Our house is a shrine to Halloween and I tend to go a little bit mad.  Instead of easing with age my grá for all things macabre gets stronger.  I thought I’d put together a little post about some of my favourite things this Halloween.

First up, make-up.  I love make-up but I especially love Halloween make-up.  There is something really magical about completely transforming into a different character.  My favourite place to buy Halloween make-up is Sunaura.  They stock everything from regular foundations to blood and gore.  The staff are nice and friendly and are a pleasure to purchase from.  This year I’m absolutely thrilled with the Bloody Marvellous set I got.  I have very sensitive skin and I’m allergic to almost everything. I usually find cheap bloods irritate my skin and as much as I want to be gruesome it isn’t always possible.  Bloody Marvellous is amazing.  There are various types of blood depending on the effect one wants to achieve and it is completely safe on my skin.  It doesn’t stain clothing and washes right off.  I’d highly recommend it for those suffering from sensitivity or for children.  They also stock Ben Nye paints and I got this lovely witch green for a Frankenstein’s monster look that I am creating.  I’ve used it for a witch also.  It is great quality.

I have been creating some Halloween looks whilst sitting in front of the tv in the evening or with friends and I’ve had loads of fun doing it.  Some of the best looks are the easiest and if you’re stuck for an idea on Friday, I strongly suggest a black and white skull.  I used two products for this one, a pale foundation and black eyeshadow and it took about 10 minutes.  I only needed two brushes.

My next favourite Halloween treat is a visit to Caroline’s Beauty Rooms in Rush. I have previously written about my great experience with Caroline and as a result returned for some Halloween nails.  As my costume this year is the Bride of Frankenstein’s Monster I was delighted with how she painted my nails.  Definitely pay a visit.

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The Bram Stoker Festival took place this weekend and although I was a little upset that they weren’t offering the fire garden this year, I went along to La Belle et La Bete and loved it.  For €5 a ticket it was well worth going to.  We dressed up (using Bloody Marvellous) but unfortunately we were the only ones.

As I mentioned our house is full of decorations and Homestore and More are selling all of theirs half price at the moment.  They have some brilliant stuff.  Dealz is another great place to visit for some bargains.  I got lots of the decorations for the HallowBloggers event there and I wasn’t disappointed. There’s an amazing selection of pumpkins in SuperValu starting at €1 so perfect for all your carving needs.

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Finally, this is our first Halloween with Pumpkin our pygmy hedgehog.  We are entering him in a competition to win a wheel to run on.  It closes Halloween night.  I made his costume (not very well) and he makes the cutest little wizard.  I’d be very grateful if you could please vote for him, number 92 Pumpkin:

Happy Halloween to all of you.