Mio Workout Wonder Gel

Almost two weeks ago I was sent the Mio Workout Wonder gel.  This is an invigorating muscle motivation gel.  In simple terms this is a booster shot for your muscles.  The idea is that the gel helps one recover faster after a gym or workout session.  The gel can also be used before a workout to raise energy levels.  It is fair to say that I was a little sceptical about the product, nevertheless I was determined to give it a fair trial.

On day one of use, I rubbed it on my legs after a gym workout.  They were quite sore, hot and a little bit heavy.  My first sense of the gel was its smell.  It is incredibly minty and I felt like I was rubbing liquid chewing gum on myself.  The gel rubbed in easily and gave a cool tingle to my skin.  After a short while I noticed the pain had gone from my legs.  I continued to use the product this way for a few more days.  I then started to get more adventurous and used it on my feet after my workouts.  Feet can be awfully hot and sweaty so I was looking forward to cooling them.  I rubbed the gel all over the tops and bottoms of my feet and they felt amazing afterwards, again they had the cool tingly felling but they also felt less tired.  It was lovely, I felt like I had a spa treatment on them.  I have continued with this every day since first trying it.

When I started to use Wonder Workout I asked a colleague of mine to try it with me to make sure that my feelings towards the gel were accurate given that fitness and fitness related products really aren’t my forté.  He used it in a similar way to me and found it helped his muscles heal faster.  On one occasion he hurt his back and used the muscle gel on the area.  He found that the gel cooled and soothed the area quickly and in a short time he was in less pain.  I previously suffered from a dislocated shoulder and it is often quite painful.  I use the gel on my shoulder when it starts to hurt and it really helps.  It soothes away stress and tension in the area and the tingling sensation conceals the pain.  The best way of describing the gel is that it is like deep heat only it is cold!

The gel contains a cocktail of natural ingredients such as essential oils, spearmint, horse chestnut, arnica, chamomile, fig extract and shea and murumuru butter.  There are no nasty chemical surprises and the product is paraben free.  The gel is not tested on animals.

Having used this product I will definitely re-purchase and I’d also be very interested in trying other products in the Mio range particularly their sculpted body shaper and skin smoother.

Workout Wonder is €25 and is available from various pharmacies and department stores.