No.7 Hydration Mask

There are a few things that can be relied on with absolute certainty in life, one of those being that when No7 vouchers become available I will make a trip to Boots.  Who doesn’t love getting to try new products without having to pay full price?  On a recent search for new and perfected skin I found this hydration mask from the Beautiful Skin range.  Regular readers will know this is my favourite range from No7.  I had previously read good reviews about this product so armed with my €6.50 off I decided to give it a go.


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The mask is suitable for dry / very dry skin.  I fall into the dry, de-hydrated and slightly horrible skin category so I thought this would be a good choice for me.  The mask promises an intense moisture boost and is hypo-allergenic.  The guideline suggests leaving the mask on the skin for three minutes or ten minutes if you’re a serious hydration seeker.  The mask looks and feels more like a moisturiser.  It has a creamy texture and sits well on the skin.  It doesn’t get hard or tight like other masks.  It is hardly even visible on the face.  I left it on for about twelve minutes because I’m clearly a rebel.  I wiped it off and rinsed my face with cold water.


I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t have a new face after rinsing but I always hope for miracles with products.  Why didn’t I have a Disney princess complexion?  My face may still have looked the same but my skin felt quite nice, soft and hydrated.  Later that morning when I went to apply my make-up, I noticed that my foundation blended easier into my skin.  The dry red hue that sometimes appears when doing my make-up was gone.  Quite often my foundation doesn’t sink into my skin as much as I would like but today was different.  My face looked airbrushed in comparison to normal.  There was nothing to do but stare at myself from different angles to make sure I wasn’t imagining it, get the boyfriend to look at my skin to confirm I definitely wasn’t imagining it and to declare the mask as my new best friend.

I use the mask twice a week now and I love it.  I generally tend to leave it closer to ten minutes or in some cases nearer twenty if I’m wearing it in the shower.  The mask costs €16.25 for 100ml or €9.75 if you’re like me and use No7 vouchers.