Boots No7 Beautiful Skin: An Alternative to Binning Vouchers

I haven’t been very well recently and I’ve also had to move house so things have been pretty stressful.  Whilst trying to keep calm on the surface, my skin was showing signs of stress and fatigue.  My skin looked dehydrated and withered and at the same time was decorated with bauble like spots, mostly arranged across my chin, at the sides of my mouth and under my nose.  I needed to take action.  I was in Boots one day and received a No7 voucher for €6.50 off skin care.  Usually I throw these vouchers into my bag and forget about them but I decided to have a look at the skin care range.  When browsing through the collection I overheard one of the sales assistants speaking to another customer about the Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser (full price €12.95).  This product is for all skin types.  She made it sound very appealing and after reading about the product I decided to give it a go.  The product promises to feel like a facial.  After purchasing this I received another voucher so I decided to get something else and settled on the Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator (full price €10.50) which is for normal/dry skin.  Once again for purchasing this I got yet another voucher so I used it a few days later on the Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser (full price €11.75) which is for normal/dry skin.  I decided to test all of these out one Sunday afternoon.

Melting Gel Cleanser (voucher price €5.25)

The cleanser feels lovely.  I rubbed it into my skin with my fingertips.  It feels like a cool gel but once it is rubbed into the face it turns to an oily texture.  The oily texture feels hydrating.  I then soaked cotton pads and rinsed the cleanser off my face.  When the cleanser comes into contact with water it once again transforms into another substance and becomes a milk which is very easily removed.  My skin felt spotless and very nice after using it.  My make-up came off easily and I didn’t need to scrub at my face.  I should add, however, that I used a separate eye make-up remover (Nivea’s Double Effect – love it!).


Radiance Exfoliator (voucher price €4)

Having cleaned my face with the cleanser, I used the exfoliator.  My skin was damp and I rubbed the exfoliator all over my face.  The product doesn’t feel too harsh like some other exfoliators and again it felt very nice.  I rinsed my face and patted it dry.  Any of the dull or dead skin was removed from my face and I felt a bit more polished.  It is recommended that this is used twice a week.


Hot Cloth Cleanser (voucher price €6.45)

The Hot Cloth Cleanser comes in a box which contains lotion and a muslin cloth.  When my face was dry I applied the facial lotion.  It has a really luxurious rich texture and felt lovely on my skin.  When the lotion was rubbed in, I placed the muslin cloth in hot water and positioned it over my whole face.  I left it on my skin for a few minutes before removing.  The heat from the cloth opens pores so the lotion can really sink in.  After a few minutes I removed the cloth and rinsed it in cold water.  I cleaned the lotion from my face with the newly cooled cloth so as to close my pores again.  I patted it dry.  My skin felt really soft and moisturised after using this product.


I have to say that using these products was a real treat.  They were relaxing and they helped me find some calm during a very stressful time.  My skin is definitely looking better after using them.  It is brighter and less puffy looking.  I felt that these products were a bargain with the Boots voucher (€15.70 for the lot) and I’m certainly glad I didn’t throw them away this time.