52 Weeks of Kindness

For 2018 I decided to embark on a 52 weeks of kindness challenge.  It was a fantastic experience and it is certainly something I will continue in 2019.  Here’s a brief summary of each week:


Week 1

Donate unwanted Christmas presents.  Donate to a refuge, homeless service, hospital, direct provision centre, animal sanctuary etc.

Week 2

Practice empathy.  ”You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… until you climb into his skin and walk around in it” Harper Lee.

Week 3

Donate a sleeping bag to a homeless service.

Week 4

Switch to cruelty free cosmetics.

Week 5

Donate to Oscar’s DIPG Fund (Makeup Monster).

Week 6

Celebrate the women in your life on Galentine’s Day.

Week 7

Tell someone you love them.

Week 8

Support dogs for the disabled.

Week 9

Support the Irish Heart Foundation by buying a temporary tattoo.

Week 10

Buy a bracelet for Make A Wish.

Week 11


Week 12

Support Daffodil Day.

Week 13

Text DRCC to 50300 to donate €2 to the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre (I still believe her).

Week 14

Buy a purple rose in aid of the 65 Roses campaign from Cystic Fibrosis Ireland.

Week 15

Donate to Together for Yes.

Week 16

Plant bee friendly flowers.

Week 17

Send doggy treats to the DSPCA (or any other dog sanctuary).

Week 18

Wear a green ribbon and support the See Change campaign.

Week 19

Contribute to and support Darkness into Light.

Week  20

Get involved with Together for Yes.

Week 21

Vote Yes and Repeal the 8th.

Week 22

Send beautiful Oscar a birthday card (Makeup Monster).

Week 23

Help Avril beat Lyme disease (A paler Shade of Beauty).

Week 24

If you can, tell your dad you love him.  If you can’t, look after yourself and if you know a friend is going through a hard time, support them and contact them on Father’s Day.

Week 25

Become a Kitty Angel and set up a monthly standing order of €5 to Phibsboro Cat Rescue.

Week 26

Help Joanne make a difference and donate to her fundraiser for the Irish Cancer Society (Lipstick n Leopard Print).

Week 27

Donate sanitary products to Homeless Period Ireland.

Week 28

Support Robyn’s fight.

Week 29

Help out with the vet bills for Hedgehog Rescue Dublin.

Week 30

Help feed the homeless.  If you can support Friends Helping Friends by making some sandwiches or hot food and bring it to the food stand at 8pm each Saturday outside Londis near O’Connell Bridge (South Side).

Week 31

Replace disposable cups with reusable ones.

Week 32

Ask the question: are you feeling suicidal?

Week 33

Adopt don’t shop.

Week 34

Donate blood.

Week 35


Week 36

Vote in the presidential election (Michael D).  Do not support discrimination.

Week 37

Buy shopping for a family in need.

Week 38

Participate in Team Hope’s Shoebox Appeal.

Week 39

Stop and talk to a homeless person (and ask them if they want tea / coffee / sandwiches).

Week 40

Let go of judgement and prejudice.

Week 41

Support small and local business.

Week 42

Be a decent customer, don’t take it out on retail staff.

Week 43

Respect wildlife.

Week 44

Be a voice for positive change.  Write to your representatives and TDs.

Week 45

Reduce negativity.

Week 46

Be a considerate driver.  Remember we were all learners once.  Don’t text and drive.

Week 47

Reach out to someone who is grieving.

Week 48

Become an organ donor.

Week 49

Try to be a considerate colleague.

Week 50

Support the Vincent De Paul appeal.

Week 51

Visit and care for the elderly.

Week 52

Learn to adopt a greener life.