Kat Von D Beauty

I absolutely adore Kat Von D and I have done since her Miami Ink days that eventually lead to the start of LA Ink.  I loved the stories, the art and most of all Kat’s personality.  For years I have wanted to try Kat Von D’s make-up line and I was so excited when Debenhams announced its arrival.  I have tried a couple of products from the line so here are my thoughts:

Shade and Light Palette (€46)

The palette consists of three quads of neutral, warm and cool shadows.  A range of looks can be created with these shades from barely there natural make-up to a full on smokey eye.  I use a primer with these shadows.  My favourite combination of shadows is Lucius on the lid, Samuel over my crease, Solas to define my outer corners and Liberatus on the inner corner of my eye and across my brow bone.  The shadows are long lasting and well pigmented.  I’d 100% buy this pallete again.

Shade and Light Palette Glimmer (€47)

I had a voucher and decided to purchase this palette when it was released in September or October.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it as it is so pretty.  The colours are beautiful and like the original palette, they are well pigmented and long lasting.  Quartz is my  favourite shade.  There is a mixture of shimmer, glitter and matte shadows.  I think the Glimmer palette would make a great Christmas gift.

Tattoo Liner (€20)

I love love love this liner.  Love it!  It is just gorgeous.  It is versatile in terms of creating a very thin or a thicker line.  It wears incredibly well and lasts all day long.  This is another product that I would definitely re-purchase.  Now, regular readers will know that I’m an advocate for properly removing make-up and cleansing.  That being said on a recent trip to Paris I ended up sleeping for a few hours in my make-up.  Horrific, I know.   My eyeliner stayed on perfectly though and looked as fresh as it did when I first applied it.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  Also, I bought my liner in June or July and there is still plenty of use in it.  I use the liner for a range of looks, plenty of which are posted on my Instagram page.

Lock It Foundation (€34.50)

Now, here’s where my views get  little mixed.  Firstly I want to say that the shade range for pale skin is great.  When I first tried this foundation I fell head over heels in love with it.  Perhaps in my haste I announced that it was my favourite foundation ever and in many ways it still is.  Since making this remark, however, my opinion has changed a little.  I’ll start with the positives, the coverage of this foundation is incredible.  It really is amazing.  The texture and finish is gorgeous.  It felt nice on my skin but unfortunately, it didn’t really stay that way on me.  I found that after  a while it started to oxidise on me.  I like my foundation to be an exact match to my skin so that bothered me.  As it oxidised, I felt I started to look shiny but I think that was more because I felt slightly orange.


The shade I was wearing was Light 44 Cool.  I felt that it wasn’t really the perfect shade for me so I asked for a tester in Light 42 Cool.  This was a little too pale for me (although part of me really did like the corpse look).  I mixed the two shades together and formed the perfect shade.  I feel it wears much better on me as I don’t feel that I look orange later in the day.  Although I like the new shade, it is expensive and a bit messy having to buy two shades and mix them.  For me, Lock It is just too much work.

Studded Kisses Lipstick (€21)

I’m a fiend for red lipstick; it is my favourite.  I picked up Underage Red (the name was a bit controversial a while back but Kat explained the name choice).  The colour is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.  I can’t get enough of it and I think it will be the lipstick that I wear for my wedding.  It lasts all day and it isn’t drying.  All Studded Kisses lipsticks contain vitamins A, C and E.  I will definitely be purchasing more shades and I have my eye on Lolita and Tijuana.

I’ve had a very positive experience with the brand and I fully intend to buy more products.  I love the look of the stand in Debenhams; it is exactly how I would want my make-up room to be if I lived in a gothic mansion (the dream!).  The gothic glam design is stunning and it is my kind of taste.  The products are on the more expensive side but they are worth it.  The quality and the amount of enthusiasm and effort involved in each product is obvious.  I’m a huge fan of the ethical stance of the brand and it is 100% cruelty free and vegan.