Halloween Collections

Continuing with all things Halloween, today I’m going to give my views on some of the latest Halloween collections available.

Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution have launched a whole range of great Halloween goodies this year including liquid latex, fake blood, ghost whitener, special fx kit, lipsticks and highlighters.  Everything looks great and is really affordable.  I’m very impressed with the special fx kit which essentially contains all of the same pigments as a bruise wheel but at a fraction of the cost.  I haven’t yet tried out the kit, however, I have tried the Ghost Highlighter and Kiss of Death lip kit.  Starting with the highlighter, it is just gorgeous.  I love that there is a skull in the pan.  I hadn’t tried a lip kit before but picked this one up because it was black.  There are lots of black lipsticks that emerge in shops at Halloween but I’ve never found a good one.  I was also intrigued by the black lip liner.  I absolutely adore this kit.  It is so easy to create a hassle and mess free black lip.  The highlighter is €4 and the lip kit is €8.


Again, there are a plenty of Halloween beauties from Penneys this year.  There are amazing kits that cost €10 each and contain everything you’ll need to create certain looks.  The vampire one for example contains blood as well as the necessary make-up.  I decided to try the contour stick.  One side is black and one side is white.  This is great for creating all manners of spooky looks.  I’ve used it for a skeleton and I was very impressed with it.  This costs €2.50.

Apart from Halloween make-up there are also Halloween clothing items available, my favourite of which is the fab What’s up Witches tshirt which cost €6.

The Body Shop

The Vanilla and Pumpkin scented collection very recently arrived in store just in time for Halloween.  There are four items in the collection: a body butter, shimmer mist, hand cream and shower gel.  I opted to buy the shower gel as I’d get most use out of it.  Overall I like the scent and I intend to use it to create a Halloween bubble bath.  The scent isn’t very pumpkiny but it is Halloweeny.  If you’re expecting it to smell like a pumpkin spice latte then you will be surprised as it is mostly vanilla scented.  It is really lovely though and I think I will buy another one.

Caroline’s Beauty Room

Finally, if you are thinking of getting Halloween nails there is no better place than Caroline’s Beauty Room in Rush.  Caroline is a genius when it comes to nails.  She is a true artist with ridiculous levels of talent.  I’m always thrilled with my Halloween nails and it makes me so sad when I have to clean them off.  I’ve had my nails done with Caroline for Halloween for the last three years.  I started off with Frankenstein’s monsters to go with my costume that year.  They were amazing.  For the last two years I have opted for a mix of Halloween characters and I think I will be going with these again as they have lots of happy memories for me.  I can’t say enough about the wonder that is Caroline and her Beauty Room.

What are your favourite Halloween collections?