New Products from Image

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be invited to Image’s Worldwide Launch Party for six new products, some of which I will be detailing and trying.  Regular readers will know that I have a lot of love for Image and the Vital C serum is a firm favourite of mine.  I was very excited to see the new products on offer.

Firstly, Publicity Loft put on an amazing launch party in the Science Gallery.   The party had a real springtime fun atmosphere to it and brilliantly showcased the new products.  I was lucky enough to meet with an Image Skincare expert for a skin consolation and received lots of very helpful information and got a peak at some of the new products on the market.

The first product that has been launched is one that I’m already in love with.  It is the only product that I have tried so far as I have been up to my eyes with my masters, placement and a full time job (which are also the reasons I’m so late writing this post).  It is a new version of the Ormedic lip balm.  The Ormedic balm is something that I have raved about since I first tried it.  This new addition to the Ormedic family has a slight sheer pink tint to it and boasts the same brilliant qualities as its original.  The really great thing about the Ormedic balm is that it is part of a fundraiser for the Care for Skin Foundation.

The next products which I’m very excited to try are the range of sheet masks.  As soon as I have some free time I’m going to use this and thoroughly relax for a few minutes.  When I met with the Skin Consultant she had so many wonderful things to say about these masks that I really couldn’t wait to use it. Sheet masks are widely used at the moment but this is different as it boasts biomolecular properties.  I have the hydrating sheet mask and anti-aging radiance to try.  I can’t wait.  The Image Skin Consultant told me that these masks are great for using the night before one’s wedding and this is certainly something I will be trying.

Product three is a serum for lashes and brows.  This is incredibly innovative.  The serum is used twice daily to enhance brows and lashes.  This is a first of its kind beauty product and I will certainly report back on it.

Yana is Images’ new collagen supplement.  It is a drink that stimulates and produces collagen.  Collagen is what keeps our skin firm and plump.  Yana is quite literally a beauty shot.

I’m sorry that I don’t have more details for you right now.  I’m in the middle of dissertation writing and my head is muddled with quantitative approaches, variables, literature reviews and other awful things.  I’m 100% confident that all of these products will be truly amazing as is everything on offer from Image.