Talk Disney to Me: January Bargains

Happy New Year everyone!  Today as part of my Talk Disney to Me series I’m bringing you some great Disney bargains that I found in the January sales.  For most of us January is not the richest of months so it is great to find some budget friendly pieces that will put a smile on your face.

This Bambi bomber jacket is currently reduced to €5 in Penneys.  It is so pretty.  The front is plain black and the back is a masterpiece.  I’m not really one for jackets as I’m always roasting (I don’t actually own a proper coat) but this is so cute that I had to get it for my next  Disney Land adventure.

This Snow White dress apron is €10 down from €20 in Debenhams,  It is lots of fun and if you’re like me and absolutely hate cooking then it will make the awful chore a lot more fun.  They are Disney Princess pj sets on sale but I foolishly didn’t get a photo of them.  The rest of the items featured are also from Debenhams.

Movie books are half price at €6.99.

This Jedi robe lounger is amazing.  It is great for sitting on the couch and I feel like I have the force when I wear it.  It is €10.

How adorable is the BB-8 egg cup?  It will cheer you up when having your breakfast before rushing out the door to work.  This is €7.

A great addition to any kitchen counter is the Death Star cookie jar which is now €10.  There is also a R2-D2 version that makes noises.  I may need to go back and get that.

Have you spotted any Disney deals in the sales?