Liz Earle

Liz Earle is a skin care company based in the UK that creates botanically based skin care packed full of natural ingredients.  All products are responsibly sourced and kind to the envrionment.  Most importantly for me, the brand does not test on animals.  There are no harsh or harmful chemicals in the produts and most of the items are suitable for all skin types.  Until recently I hadn’t tried any Liz Earle products.  In September I attended an event in Boots and was gifted with Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.   I was delighted with this product and it was the start of my Liz Earle shopping spree.

The Cleanse and Polish is an award winning cleanser that comes with a muslin cloth.  Two pumps of the product are needed to do a full cleanse and remove make-up although I always do a double cleanse.  It is gorgeously creamy and luxurious and works wonders on the skin.  I am a complete convert; this cleanser is utterly fantastic.  It costs €19.99 but there is a set in Boots at the moment for just under €21 that is in a box with the cleanser and two muslin cloths.

Having fallen in love with the cleanser I decided to try another product and saw the skin brightening mask.  It was €11 for a small Christmas sized parcel.  The mask is a two minute treatment and removes the grey dull look from the skin.  I tried the mask and then saw that it said it wasn’t suitable for sensitive skin.  I have very sensitive skin but the mask has not actually irritated me at all.  It tingles a little but it is supposed to and it isn’t a sore or painful feeling.  This is a great product to try as even if one doesn’t have a lot of time for a full skin routine, two minutes won’t take up your full day.  I liked this product so much that I bought a full size tube directly from Liz Earle during the Black Friday sale and got it for €14.

Liz Earle’s Black Friday sale was fantastic and I also purchased a skin boosting tonic which is a toner.  A lot of toners don’t work for me and I find they sting me or irritate me.  This one, however, is brilliant.  I love the feeling of using it and it smells beautifully floral.  There was an offer on the site for free postage to Ireland as well as a free bottle of eye soothing lotion for purchases of €30 or over.

I had tried the eye soothing lotion as part of the Bright Eyes set.  This is my favourite of all the products that I have tried.  It is a bit more expensive than the other items I have mentioned and the set costs €41.  In saying that the eye cream on its own is close to €41 so it is a pretty good deal to get the lotion too.  The set comes with a hair band, lotion and eye cream as well as booklet on how to achieve brighter looking eyes.  The lotion can be used to remove the last traces of eye make-up but I personally like to use it to relax.  I soak cotton pads in the lotion and leave them on my eyes for five to ten minutes when I have a chance.  I’m not a great sleeper and in the morning I often have tired swollen eyes.  I found that using the lotion before I sleep helps with this and minimises the swelling.  I use the eye cream twice a day and it is one of the best products I have ever used.  It doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes and it dries quickly without giving me flakey skin around my eyes.  There is something about the whole set which just feels so calming and relaxing.  Although it is a skin set, for some reason it seems to ease my mind at night.  I’m going to buy another one before the Christmas sets leave Boots.

Since trying my first Liz Earle product I have become fascinated with the Liz Earle way of life and wellbeing.     Perhaps I could give up my job here and move to their HQ in the Isle if Wight which seems to be a sustainable green haven.  Joking (sort of ) aside, these products really are fantastic and I am converted to a whole new range of natural skin care.