Wednesday Addams

Today’s quick and easy Halloween tutorial is Wednesday Addams.  Out of all of the looks I have created this is one of my favourite as I was able to dress Gatsby up as Pugsley.  We had lots of fun.  Once again very few products are required for this.


You will need:

Pale foundation

Dark brown, white and black eyeshadow – I used the 88 neutral palette from Blank Canvas Cosmetics

Black liquid liner – I used Wet n Wild


Contour and highlighter – I used Wet n Wild

Dark lipstick (optional) – I used MUA

Brushes – Blank Canvas Cosmetics



  1. Apply pale foundation all over the face and down the neck.
  2. Apply brown shadow along the crease and in the inner corners.  Take the shadow under the eyes quite far down to create a tired and creepy look.
  3. Add some white shadow to the lid and directly under the bottom lashes, just above the brown.  This white can also be applied under the brows.
  4. Create a very thin line and a small wing with liquid liner and add mascara.
  5. Create a straight black eyebrow with a black shadow.
  6. Add contour and highlighter.  I recommend not using anything too shimmery.
  7. Wednesday has a nude lip so you can create a light lip.  I used a darker colour because I like a strong lip.


Wednesday’s hair is pretty simple.  I just plaited mine but you can use a wig if needs be.  My dress is from Littlewoods.

This look can be done in about 20 minutes so it is great for a last minute look.