Magpie Magazine Launch

Yesterday evening I attended the launch of new magazine, Magpie.  I went with Joey from Joe Blogs About Stuff. The event was in House on Leeson Street and it was absolutely packed full of people excited about the magazine.  It was one of the best and most organised events that I have ever attended which is no surprise as the amazingly wonderful and talented vision of floral beauty that is Naomi McElroy was its mastermind.

Magpie is a brand new magazine that  appeared on Dragons’ Den and received financial backing from Alison Cowzer.  There were meaningful and poignant speeches at the event celebrating friendship and business.  I have to admit that I don’t read women’s magazines.  I haven’t read one in about ten years.  I personally feel they don’t always treat women with respect and as intelligent beings in terms of stating which celebrity gained a few pounds or who has cellulite.  I’m pleased to say Magpie is different.  It has a lot more substance to it.  It also boasts quantity as well as quality as the first issue as 176 pages.  There are stories of courage, survival, travel, style, decor, music and more.

Magpie Mag

The Magpie mission statement reads:

“Magpie is a fresh new magazine for the post Celtic Tiger woman.  We strive to create something that is innovative, meaningful and authentic.  A blend of words that provoke, entertain and inspire, with images that move and empower; what sets Magpie apart is that we seek to empower women, to love their bodies and to celebrate their uniqueness and creativity.  A space for new voices and bold opinions, Magpie is a place for curious creatives to discover alternative perspectives on culture, society, fashion and feminism.

We tell stories about strong inspiring women – that means no celebrity gossip, no fad diets and no outdated stereotypes.  Magpie loves fashion, but she is not a label slave.  We love satire, but are never cynical.  We hope that spending time with Magpie will fill you with a sense of belonging to a diverse tribe of women and that you come away with a feeling of being uplifted, and even changed a little.”

flowers and champagne

The event itself was filled with flowers, food, champagne, excitement and good wishes.  I was delighted to win a gigantic hamper of goodies.  It was such a treat.

magpie hamper

The treats didn’t stop there as we were spoiled rotten with our gift bags.

magpie goody bag

I look forward to hearing more from Magpie.