Talk Disney to Me

I have decided to start a Disney series on the blog.  I unofficially started it a few weeks ago with a guide to Disney Paris which you can read here.  The reason I started it isn’t necessarily because I’m Disney obsessed (I’m not really, I’m Beauty and the Beast obsessed); it is because Disney is good for my well-being.  The last year hasn’t been the easiest and a trip to Disney Paris last October was so good for me.  It is a place that happiness is almost mandatory.  It is impossible to feel down. I find that having a Disney mug on my desk or a trip to the Disney shop now and again does me good and allows me to re-live very happy memories.


Today I’m talking about the Disney shop on Grafton Street.  I had a voucher sitting in my bag for a while waiting for the perfect purchase.  I arrived to the shop pretty early with the hope of opening it and being gifted with a magic key but alas I was beaten to it.  It was quite nice to get in early anyway and look around in peace.  I had done a bit of research and knew exactly what I was in the market for.  A Beauty and the Beast tea set.  I had seen it online and had hoped it was stocked in Dublin.  I was thrilled to pick it up.  The tea set is much bigger than I had expected.  Mrs. Potts bubbles and brews and speaks.  The box will never be opened as I like to preserve collectables forever.

new tea set

My new set is in good company with some of my other tea sets.  They can live out their days together in a display cabinet.


I took a few more Beauty and the Beast pictures as I wandered around the store.  I might have to buy all of them!




As it was quiet I had a look on all floors and found lots to entertain myself. Unfortunately the wands were missing from the magic mirrors so I didn’t get to wave them around.


I always like to have a look at the superhero and Star Wars stuff on the bottom floor too.  I wonder if I could get a similar hulk in my front garden.



I had a lot of fun wandering around the shop and I’m thrilled with my new set.