Yon-Ka is a brand that hails from France and was established in the 1950s.  Yon-Ka prides itself on being a phytoaromatic skincare brand.  Some of us will remember from biology classes in school that phyto usually deals with plants.  It is no surprise that the brand concerns itself with plant extracts as it was created by two botanists.  This means that the consumer is getting the best of plant extracts and scents, making the ingredient list mostly natural.

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The first Yon-Ka product I tried was the toner mist for sensitive skin.  I actually received this last year in a Chic Treat box.  The mist is perfect, it is really soothing and calming.  Toner is one of those weird products that people are a little undecided about.  I highly recommend a toner but  for those of us with sensitive or dry skin, it is worth taking the time to research toners that will suit.  Always avoid alcohol. Yon-Ka is definitely one that shouldn’t irritate the skin and I recommend it for dry / sensitive skin.


Ingredients include:

  • Essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme  which are balancing, vitalizing and purifying

Recently the lovely ladies of Publicity Loft sent me two Yon-Ka products to try, the Pamplemousse Revitalising Skin moisturiser and Guarana Scrub exfoliator.  These were chosen for me based on my skin type, dry, sensitive and with the appearance of fine lines (these lines may or not be imaginary but I’m pretty sure they are there).

The Pamplemousse moisturiser is an age defence product.  The first thing to note about this product is its scent.  I’m normally not a fan of citrus smells but this one is just gorgeous.   The scent comes from the natural ingredients including lime and grapefruit oils.  The moisturiser is lightweight but still feels very luxurious.  The best thing about it is that it absorbs quickly and is not at all greasy.  It is brilliant for rushing through skincare and make-up in the morning because it absorbs so quickly.  It provides a great base for make-up.  I have found that the moisturiser is almost like a little beauty shot; it revitalises the skin and leaves even the driest parts feeling smooth, soft and nourished.  The moisturiser is also great for tackling signs of aging.


Ingredients include:

  • Essential oils of grapefruit, lime, sweet orange, lemon
  • Essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme – great for revitalising
  • Grapefruit extract, vitamin C which are radiance boosters and anti-oxidants
  • Olive oil, pumpkin seed oil which will nourish and protect the skin

The Guarana Scrub exfoliator is fantastic.  It is a good gritty exfoliator (I hate a weak scrub) that will do a great job at removing dead, dry skin but isn’t at all harsh or rough on the skin.  The reason behind this is that the scrub has two different size micro-beads.  My driest parts are along the sides of my face, near my hairline and the scrub is doing a great job at making them softer and smoother.   This is also great for working on fine lines and lack of firmness.  The skin will be left fresh and polished whilst, smooth, soft and cared for.


Ingredients include:

• Guarana and organic brown rice micro-beads used for exfoliating and detoxifying the skin.
• Vegetable glycerin which hydrates
• Cornflower, calendula, chamomile, linden, German chamomile, St. John’s wort that are softening and soothing
• Essential oils of geranium, lavender and rosemary that possess toning phyto-aromatic effects

Lastly I received a candle which is the same scent as the Pamplemousse and is currently in my new make-up studio.  It is lovely.


I really liked the products that I tried and would highly recommend them.  My skin is in great condition from use and I have to say the natural scents are really relaxing.  Don’t forget I’m currently running a Yon-Ka competition on my Facebook page.