Penneys Haul

Last week when I rushed into Penneys to buy some bits for my Bloomsday costume (read about it here), I also purchased a few other goodies.  Here’s a quick haul of my purchases.

My favourite colour for clothing is black.  In fact until recently I didn’t wear any other colour of clothing.  Even though I have embraced a little colour I can’t resist a black dress.  I picked up this tshirt style dress for €10.  It is really comfy and I love it.  I really like the sleeves because even though they have gaps they cover most of my arms.  It is great for the summer because I really don’t like having my arms out so this dress is perfect.

black tshirt dress

Continuing with black, I love this lace and fringed kimono. It is light enough to wear in warm weather and is a great buy. It is €15 and is also available in white.  I love fringing at the bottom so I added some to the kimono.

lace kimono

I’m obsessed with my new tan ankle boots.  They are so comfortable and easy to walk in.  I want to wear them with every single thing I own and over the last week I have been doing just that.


I really like leaf and feather jewellery so I was drawn to these earrings for €1.50.  Now I like very long earrings so I bought a few sets and made this pair out of them.


Recently I had to take out my beloved piercing at the top of my ear.  I adored it but after three years it still refused to heal so we had to part ways.  I do miss it so I was delighted to see these cuffs; I now look like I have my piercing back.  The whole set was €3.  I have included the rest of the set in my make-up kit for fake piercings for make-up looks.


Lastly, the new collection of Wet n Wild lipsticks is stocked in Penneys.  I picked up two new shades and I will be back for the rest of the collections.


I’m very happy with my new bits and pieces, especially the boots.