Green Angel

I have recently developed a grá for Green Angel. I have been trying their products for a few weeks now and I have become a little bit obsessed. I am telling everyone to try them.  Green Angel is an Irish company specialising in natural skin, hair and bath care. The products are created with seaweed and natural essential oils. Green Angel is suitable for all skin types but it is particularly good for dry or sensitive skin.

Avocado and Apricot Seaweed Face Mask
The first product that I tried was the face mask. It smells absolutely amazing and has a lovely texture. I leave it on for about twenty minutes. It does harden but it isn’t overly tight and it doesn’t sting like some other masks. It is quite comfortable and it washes off easily. It is advised to rinse it off in circular motions as this action will exfoliate the skin. I absolutely love it and I try to use it every week as it is a real treat for the skin. My skin always feels moisturised and soft after use and looks brighter and rejuvenated. The mask is great for reducing fine lines and preventing premature aging. I’m really impressed with it and I will continue to use it. At the moment I use it for some chill out time on a Thursday evening. I apply the mask, have a cup of tea and watch Don’t Tell the Bride! The mask costs €19.95.

Aloe Eye Gel
I have no words to describe how much I love this gel. I am besotted. It is one of the nicest products I have ever used on my skin. I find a lot of eye creams sting and irritate me but this gel doesn’t do either. I keep it in the fridge so it feels cool on my eyes. It feels amazing when it is applied. It soothes the area and nourishes under the eye. The gel reduces any puffiness or swelling around the eye. I absolutely adore it and I’m using it every morning and evening. I can’t recommend it enough. Go out and buy it! It costs €19.95.

Seaweed Facial Toner
Toner is something that I have only started to use in the last few months. I had some bad stinging experiences with it during my teenage years and had avoided it ever since. There is absolutely no irritation at all with this one, however. I spray it on a cotton pad and then wipe the pad over my face. It leaves my skin with a cleansed and refreshed feeling. It contains cucumber and sage which leaves the skin with a lovely cool feeling.

Daily Moisturiser
Green Angel’s moisturiser feels absolutely amazing on the skin. It is a really luxurious cream but it dries and absorbs really quickly. My face feels so soft in texture after use. I use it in the morning and the evening. I have very sensitive skin and sometimes it can become quite dry and irritated. I find that this moisturiser really helps calm and soothe it. It contains lavender, neroli and jasmine as well as vitamin E. The moisturiser costs €24.95. I really want to try the moisturiser with collagen. It is the next item on my wish-list.


Seaweed Body Lotion
The lotion also contains lavender and neroli and feels equally nice on my skin. I’m currently have a problem with very dry, scaly, sore elbows and I find this lotion really helps. It isn’t irritating an already sore area and it seems to be easing the horrible scaly texture. My legs feel silky smooth after applying it. It will certainly be one of my staple summer products. The lotion costs €14.95.

Seaweed Hand Cream
I have to admit, I rarely use hand cream even though my hands can become fairly dry. I have loads of it but I never really think of it. I had this cream as part of a set and had left it aside for months. Having tried the other products I decided to give the hand cream a go. I am very impressed and although I still don’t use hand cream as often as I probably should this is now my go-to pot. The cream, like the moisturiser feels very luxurious. It is quite thick in consistency and it feels like a proper pamper treatment. My hands are super soft and in great condition. Again, this cream contains neroli and vitamin E and is incredibly soothing on the skin. The hand cream is €19.95.

I think I have certainly established a Green Angel addiction for myself. There are so many other products in the range that I can’t wait to try. The collagen moisturiser is definitely next on my list. I tried one of the body smoothers at an event recently as part of a hand treatment and it was fabulous. I had new hands afterwards! As I love my toner so much I will definitely try the cucumber cleanser and I will probably sample the night cream also.  I love that the products are natural and chemical free and most of all that they are not tested on animals. Green Angel really is a great Irish company and I think there is something for everyone in the range.