Caroline’s Beauty

Last Thursday I turned up on the doorstep of Caroline’s Beauty in Rush like a woman deranged.  I didn’t have an appointment and I was looking for some last minute assistance.  I have talons and I can’t face cutting them.  I had chipped a few nails and had glued them back together with teabags.  I should state that as bonkers as this sounds it normally does work but I had made a mess of it that particular day.  I had a wedding to go to the next morning and my hands were, quite frankly, disturbing looking.  Caroline was so kind to me and although she was closing at 8 and booked up until then she told me I could come back at 8.15 and she’d sort them out for me.  This was really generous of her.

I’d never had my nails done before so I was very interested to know all about the various tools that she had.   I was also a bit nervous because apart from seeming like a complete idiot with teabags glued to my nails, I don’t really like people “at” me so that’s why I tend to paint my nails myself.  I didn’t need to worry at all because Caroline was lovely and chatted away with me.  The treatment room was lovely and comfy and there was a general relaxed atmosphere.

She fixed up my teabag / glue situation and painted my nails a lovely shade of red.  We quickly got talking about my favourite topic ever, Halloween.  Caroline had framed a set of nails that she had won an award for, they were Frankenstein’s monster and his bride.  This immediately captured my attention as I love vintage films and this year I’m dressing up as the bride.

These are not shellac or a gel polish, Caroline just used a normal quick drying varnish and topcoat.  The shine is incredible and even now a week later they still have the same shine.