Week 9: Show some Heart

It is week 9 of 52 weeks of kindness and this week’s challenge is all about participating in a nationwide appeal.    This week’s act of kindness is to

Show some Heart and buy a temporary tattoo

Heart disease is the number one killer in Ireland.  The Irish Heart Foundation need to raise €250k to fight against heart disease and stroke. By purchasing a  tattoo, you are donating directly to the Irish Heart Foundation.  10,000 people in Ireland die from heart disease and stroke every year.  Having spent time being treated in a  stroke clinic, I can assure you, it really isn’t a place you want to be.  The Irish Heart Foundation states that 80% of premature heart disease and stroke is preventable.

Purchasing a tattoo will assist with stroke support groups, blood pressure checks, CPR training and free nurse advise.  This work is life-saving.

Show some heart and donate today.  You can donate by purchasing a tattoo from Insomnia, buying one online from the Irish Heart Foundation or donating a larger sum of money directly to the Irish Heart Foundation. https://irishheart.ie/

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