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Although I prefer the winter to the summer one of my favourite things is picking up summer sandals.  When I was younger I used to look forward to the date my mam deemed summery enough to get my new sandals.  Every year I’d get a new pair and I loved it.  My favourite were a pair of white sandals with strawberries on the front.  These days, however, I prefer black gladiators and the more studs the better.

I have one problem with sandals, my horrible hobbit soles.  I have very hard, dry and tough skin on my heels.  Sometimes they hurt a bit but for the most part they are so thick and tough I can’t feel anything.  Once the summer months hit, the ugly skin can be seen from a distance.


I have tried hundreds of creams, lotions, blades and files to remove or at least soften the skin.  Short of getting a sander at them I have tried most things.  The lovely people of Rachel Dalton Communications came to my rescue and sent me a Micro Pedi Nano to try.  I really hoped it would work but I didn’t want to put too much faith in it based on past experiences.


I am genuinely in shock at how great the Micro Pedi really is.  I used it for about five minutes over my worst area and it softened the skin and removed all the icky dead bits.  I also had some rough skin on the sides of my big toes which has been completely removed thanks to the Micro Pedi.  The roller doesn’t hurt at all or feel like a blade.  I hate my feet being touched and they are overly ticklish but the Micro Pedi doesn’t bother them at all.  Even after five minutes my feet felt completely transformed.  I couldn’t believe it.  They were smooth, silky and soft and looked considerably better.  For anyone that has rough skin, I can’t recommend the Micro Pedi enough.  It is a rough skin saviour.

new feet

I have previously written about my love for the Micro Pedi Nail and having used the Micro Pedi on my dry skin I worked on my nails.  The Micro Pedi Nail is fantastic because it has two heads: one to buff and one to shine the nail.  I did both my toe and finger nails and they were glowing afterwards.  I haven’t been without nail varnish for about ten years and the Micro Pedi Nail gives a perfect base coat.  The results last for about two weeks.


I used the Micro Pedi Ultra Finishing Foot Cream afterwards which felt lovely as it is really soothing.  It has peppermint in it so it feels really cooling and adds to the silky feeling.


I finished my summer feet transformation by adding Heatwave varnish from Wet n Wild.

It has been four days since I used the Micro Pedi and my feet still feel as soft as when I first used it.  The skin looks so much better.  I can’t believe that I have a cure for my hobbit soles and I am sandal ready.


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