Once Upon A Time: Ruby / Little Red Riding Hood

I have recently become obsessed with Once Upon a Time and I’m binge watching my way through it.  I love everything about it but I particularly love the make-up and costumes.  One of my favourite looks is Ruby.  I love her dramatic eye liner.  In the episode that she started working for Emma she had a a really cool red eye make-up look so this is what I have recreated (but with a red hood).


The main product I used for this look is Blank Canvas Cosmetics’ 88 colour shadow palette.  I love this palette and it is incredibly good value at under €20.  I use it for almost every single dramatic look I create.  I stated by using a white all over my eyes.  I then worked a taupe above my crease, followed by a darker brown into the crease.  I also used Blank Canvas brushes for the whole look.  I then applied a red to the outer corner of my lids and worked it mid way across to meet the white on my lids.  I blended the corners upwards towards my crease.  I then added NYX’s Milk pencil on top of the white and finally lined with Inglot’s gel liner.  Under my lashes and waterline I added a black pencil from YSL.  I then used a red lip liner from MAC and smudged it.


For my face I used Botanics’ Radiance Balm all over and YSL’s Ink Fusion foundation.  I used plenty of the pink from Soap and Glory’s Kick Ass concealer under my eyes.  For contour I used a bronzer from Makeup Revolution and the highlighter is Inglot’s Sparkle Dust.  To finish the face I used a cream blush from Essence.


Ruby’s / Red’s brows are darker and sharper than mine so I used a black from the same shadow palette along with their E38 brush to create a pointier arch.

Finally for my lips I used red lip liner and Ruby Woo from MAC.

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